You Are 9 Steps Away From a Foodgasm


Why look for expensive international cuisines when you can taste out-of-this-world gourmet dishes from local shops here in Singapore? The following are nine mouth-watering dishes that have convinced many tourists that Singapore is a gastronomic paradise.


  1. Hainanese Style Chicken with Rice

Who would have thought that a simple dish like this, could be elevated to a level that is beyond what’s served in most international restaurants? The sizzling aroma of this dish could make your jaw drop. It is arguably the best thing since sliced bread.

  1. Nasi Lemak

Although this recipe originated in Malaysia, this fragrant rice dish cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf has since become a staple in Singapore’s local cuisine and one of the dishes the country is known for. Its authenticity and simplicity are what make it very special. Its availability is also a plus to its popularity as it is served in most food stalls in the country.

  1. Hawker Food

Anyone who lives or has visited the country knows that one of our best food fares is literally right on our streets. Singapore’s street food is famous for its over-the-top luscious flavours sprinkled with a variety of spices that is to die for.

  1. Wanton Mee

This seemingly plain dish is actually carefully prepared to get its different flavors dancing on your taste buds. Wanton mee is so delicious it has been engraved in our culture and in our palettes. No wonder non-locals have been enticed and overwhelmed by this wonderful dish.


  1. Chili Crab

This well-known crustacean has played a vital role not only in our country but to the whole world as well. You may think, “What’s new?” for you have tasted it a bunch of times. Its contrasting sweet and spicy flavours is what makes it a standout from the rest. Many popular ways of preparing this dish has surfaced all over the world but what makes ours exotic is the glee and joy you feel upon getting a glance of this unique crowning glory, and the aroma your nose inhales is just amazing.

  1. BBQ Sting Rays

People often stereotype sting rays to have a foul odour, but not with how we cook it. Sting rays have been made delectable and exquisite in taste. Traditionally, it is wrapped in a banana leaf before being barbecued and then seasoned with sambal paste on top. Like our very own BBQ sting rays, we fail to notice that such astounding delicacies are just a glimpse away. If you want to make an addition to your catalog of favourite foods, this should easily enter your list. BBW sting rays can be purchased in stalls in just about every corner of the city.

  1. Char Kway Teow

This is yet another plate of goodies that puts Singapore on top, it’s one of the few signature dishes that will make your insides go wild. It’s what we consider the not-so-typical noodle dish. Our locals constructed a recipe that has made it distinct and variant to make it stand out for an international audience.

  1. Curry Puff

Normally, this is considered to be a dessert with its pastry exterior. It could definitely fool numerous people. What others won’t know until they try it is, when this flour puff is split in half the aroma that directly welcomes you is not a sweet orgasmic fruit nor pudding, but a main course filling. The perfect epitome of dessert and main dish in one. After one bite you’ll get to experience a full meal in an instant. Amazing really.

  1. Popiah

By just looking at a plate of this stunning creation you immediately get that feeling of being in the best of both worlds. Once you see the cross-section of this seemingly exotic dessert you realize it is not what it seems. Wheat crepe filled with eggs and sausage is not something you could miss. Rolled up with a beautiful texture, you’d think it came from a five star Michelin awardee restaurant but indeed it was purchased in a food stall at the local centre.

Great tasting food doesn’t need to cost like gold, you just need to know the right places and the diverse palette that suits your taste.


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