What You Need to Know about AVA’s Licensing

If you are thinking about putting a pet shop, you should be familiar with AVA’s (Agri-Food & Veterinary) licensing to make it legal. According to AVA, no person has the right to display, distribute, sell or export pets with no valid license. The license should be issued by the agency in accordance to the Animals and Birds Rules of 2004. logo

If you are curious about AVA’s licensing, you can refer to this:

Types of Animals to be Sold

AVA released a list of animals that can be sold here in Singapore. In general, dogs, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, mice, gerbils, sliders, chinchilla, birds, fishes, crabs, turtles and frogs.


Licensing Requirements

There are licensing requirements for pet shops. The licensing requirements depend on the pet. It is recommended that applicants also adopt the guidelines which seek to improve the welfare of animals.


If you want to apply for licensing, you can consider OBLS (Online Business Licensing Service). If you want to personally submit it, you can go to Centre for Animal Welfare and Control at Pasir Panjang Road together with your documents.


The application covers some fees. You should know that there is a non-refundable application fee. It costs S$94.50 (inclusive of GST). You should pay it upon your application. As for the annum license fee, you should pay S$126.


AVA is very keen about grading the display and keeping of animals. This is to protect the animal’s welfare. AVA has set up a grading system that will increase the standards of pet shops. The grading will be based on the pet shop’s compliance and espousing of best practices.

Do not attempt to evade the Animals and Birds Rules of 2004 or you will face the consequences.


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