What to Expect in the Next Few Months

Aside from work, you have a lot of things to look forward. There are many festivals and events that you can participate so better get ready. You will surely enjoy everything if you share it with your family or friends.

Here’s a list of festivals and events that you might be interested in:

Christmas in the Tropics


Singaporeans surely know how to be jolly. After your work, you will be amazed how the streets come to life. Christmas in the Tropics is a festival that brings carnival or parade to the streets for a month. You can witness seasonal decorations and lighting up along shopping centres like Orchard Road, Takashimaya and Tangs. Of course ION, Orchard Central and Wisma Atria participate present a good show too. Look out for the street performers! It will surely blow you away.

Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated every August or September. Mid Autumn Festival is also known to locals as the Mooncake or Lantern Festival. The festival is similar to Thanksgiving. If you want to witness this festival, you should head directly to Chinatown. The place offers beautiful lanterns and delicious mooncakes that you can avail.

Dragon Boat Festival


If you want to witness the annual Singapore Dragon Boat competition, head to Bedok Reservoir. You will surely see other crews competing for this prestigious sport with their colourful boats.  Cheer for your favourite team and enjoy the spectacle. You will be thrilled upon hearing drumbeats and chants.

Hungry Ghost Festival


Chinese believe that souls of the dead are allowed to roam the earth. This happens every August. As a result, Chinese conduct grand feasts to calm the roaming spirits. The festival comprises of burning incense, prayer offerings, foods and fruits presentations, puppetry, singing performances and many more. Non Chinese are allowed to witness the festivities. You can go to Geylang, Chinatown and Redhill to check it out.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and record everything. It will help you relive the happy moments.

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