What Meal Style to Choose For Your Wedding

Food is an important part in the celebration of your wedding. Think of it as a thanksgiving. You should decide on what meal style or wedding hotel banquet you want to consider. You can be simple or elaborate depending on your budget of course. But you should note here that the budget and the food is only a part of the wedding. It is not the whole thing. If you are not satisfied of it (because maybe you chose the wrong caterer or you have a small budget), move on and just enjoy your wedding. If in this case you want to ensure that delicious foods are provided for your visitors, you should think about the meal style or wedding hotel banquet you want first.


When choosing a meal style, make sure it is comfortable and convenient for all people. Whether you have an informal or formal setting, you should determine your meal style at your banquet. So, what are the common meal styles?


If you consider plated meals, usually waiters will carry the food on the plates. It is served because the waiters will do everything for you. The advantage of a wedding banquet singapore served meal is that the food arrives in a timely fashion. For example, you should tell waiters to serve the appetizers first and if the plate is empty, the main course and then the dessert. The cost will vary depending on the number of plates. There are other catering services that require a minimum number of guests.

Buffet stations

If you want a wedding hotel banquet buffet, you should put up buffet stations to lessen traffic. For example, you can establish buffet stations for appetizers (salads), main course (meats) and desserts. This is to distribute the traffic and it can cater to many people at a time. Buffet meals are less expensive than served or plated ones but if you want many dishes, it could cost you more.


Cocktail receptions

There are weddings that employ cocktail receptions before a full meal. Cocktail receptions instead of a wedding hotel banquet allow guests to interact, relax and chill before eating. Cocktail receptions are the perfect time for taking photos. You should ask someone to make a concoction of drinks so your visitors can enjoy. A concoction of juice and alcohol should overflow. When you think it is enough, it is time to lead them to the banquet.


People come to your wedding not for the food. They come to the wedding to share the moment with you. You should be thankful for that. If you can only afford a simple meal, do not worry about it. You can even cook the meals and just serve it in your house for all they care. The important thing here is you are happy. Your visitors will understand. If you can afford an elaborate meal, you should pursue it. Many people will surely appreciate it.

Weddings are joyous activities. The union of the two families is an important event worth celebrating. When planning your wedding, do not forget to consider basic things like the invitation cards, souvenir items, cake, flowers, etc.

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