Upgrade Your Food-tography Skills

5 Tips to Take Better Food Photos Using Your Phone
Taking food photos – or ‘foodstagramming’ as people call it – has become a universal habit for a lot of social media users today. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’ll immediately dig into their food without snapping a photo or two. Good thing is we’ve listed down some of the best and simplest tips on how you can capture Instagram-worthy food photos even with the most basic smartphone’s camera.


  1. Opt for Natural Lighting. Unless you’re taking photos in a poorly lit room or at night, we suggest that you turn off your camera flash and take advantage of the natural light instead. You can do this by moving the subject next to a bright window; or if that’s not an option, use photo editing apps or certain filters to brighten up your photo. An added benefit of no flash, you’re less likely to annoy your fellow diners if you’re in a restaurant.


  1. Snap Fresh Food. An easy trick to take gorgeous and sumptuous-looking food photos is to shoot them as soon as they’re cooked (or served). Remember that food tend to lose its visual appeal fast so don’t let it sit for too long before taking pictures of it.


  1. Practise Focus and Framing. If there’s one thing that makes photo-taking challenging on a phone, it would be the lack of zooming features. But even without this feature, it’s still possible to take good photos by tapping your phone’s screen to adjust the camera focus. Aside from that, practising proper framing also helps create a more compelling and dramatic image of your subject.


  1. Set White Cloth as a Reflector. Another good way to snap good photos is to use a white napkin or any white cloth as a reflector to mirror the light and fill in the dark areas in your subject. You can even use the same cloth to soften and filter harsh lighting.


  1. Use Photo Editing Applications. Don’t have the time to set a good photography environment? Then leave everything to a photo editing application. For natural-looking filters, try VSCO Cam or Camera+. Another popularly used app is Snapseed – alongside its amazing filters, it also has a tool that creates a desirable background blur and depth of field.

You don’t really need a DSLR camera in order to take exceptional photos. Being creative and maximizing your phone’s features could be more than enough to capture mouth-watering food photos.


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