Top 3 Richest People in Singapore

Even if the world’s economy today is unpredictable, Singapore has managed to increase its economic stand in the world stock exchange. There is no doubt that Singapore is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia.


Despite the small land area in the region, many businessmen take risk in venturing business in Singapore. In fact, it has become the central point of investors coming from different countries. Because of this, there are a lot of businesses opens in the country and provide opportunities for many people who need work.

Since Singapore is a highly stable country when it talks about financial matter, it became the home of the most powerful individual and the top wealthiest person. Based on Forbes list, the 3 top richest persons in Singapore were:

1. Wee Cho Yaw: As the owner of United Overseas Bank, there is no doubt that this guy here can earn a net worth of $5billion dollars. It was a business that is passed by his father. Today, the chair has been passed to the son Yaw – Wee Ee Cheong. Aside for the United Overseas Bank, Yaw also own Kheng Leong Company.


2. Khoo Family: Even though he has 14 children, there will be no problem if you are earning 6.7 billion net worth. The Family owns the Standard Chartered Bank. However, it has been sold by his children for $4 billion. Also, they own Goodwood Group of Hotels.

3. Ng Robert and Philip: The richest person in Singapore was in the name of two businessmen Ng Robert and Phillip. They both own a $10.1 billion and today, they don’t know how to spend their money.


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