Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System

If you want to be healthy, you need to fortify your immune system. You eat healthy and even exercise but you will be surprised to know that ordinary things can weaken your immune system. Here are some things that can weaken your immune system:


  • Lack of sleep: When you lack sleep, your body will be stressed. Stress will reduce your body’s regeneration abilities. It will aggravate heart disease as well as produce inflammation.
  • Sugar and processed foods: Sugars and processed foods can weaken your immune system because it will confuse the hormonal system.


  • Toxins: Additives and pesticides are toxins in the body.  They are toxins because they poison the body.
  • Anxiety and fear: All negative emotions release something that can affect the functions of the body. Holding negative feelings too long can wear out the immune system and as a result, you will get sick easily.
  • Stimulants: When you feel weak, you depend on your coffee or any stimulants. That is not good because it can dwindle the immune system. You have to live without your stimulants because your body will fall apart without it.
  • Recreation: Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes can affect your immune system. If you repeatedly abuse your body, your immune system will give up.

The things mentioned above will surely decrease your vitality. If you do not change your old habits, your immune system will be affected in no time, it will be stunted and supressed. If you look closer, living here in Singapore or in any urban city can diminish your immune system.

It is time that you spread this news to your fellow Singaporeans before they become sick and weak.


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