The Kinds of Love You’ll Have in Your Life



Many of us who have been in a relationship may think that we’re wise already in the ways of love, but do you know there are different kinds of love you may experience in your life? Romantic love doesn’t always end happily ever after. And when it does end sadly – the important thing is that we learn from the experience. Read on to find out the kinds of love you might experience in your lifetime.


  1. The Love that Changed You

All of us have probably come across that person whose love was either too bad or too good for us to change. These people have easily turned darkness into light and have rocked the walls that guarded our hearts. However, like rubble, were left all crumbled down after they leave us without second thoughts.

  1. The Love that Was Never Real

Your love story with the Wrong Love may be the most exciting story. You know that the person won’t do you any good, but you still want to be with him anyway. This kind of love is often from bad boys/girls, people who are afraid of commitments and men or women who love to play games.

Though somehow you know your love will never be reciprocated the way you deserve, you still find the person hard to resist, which is probably why this person crosses your mind most often when you’re heartbroken or when you’re attached to someone else.

Couple crisis

  1. The Love that Left You Hanging

Closure is a luxury that not all relationships can afford to have. And because of this, most failed relationships don’t get the closure they need. This kind of love will leave you with a lot of questions—what ifs and what could have been. For someone who has truly given their all for their love, this could be the most devastating feeling.

  1. The Love that’s True and Real

True love endures all. It never leaves. It is mature and unconditional. You know that it’s true love because you can forgive the person, not just because you love him but because you know he is greater than his mistakes. More than just heedless emotion, true love is a conscious choice.

While some other men who are better than your true love, objectively speaking, you stay with him because you know he is the best one for you. Your love ignites your desire for marriage because you can’t imagine life without him.

Have you had names to go with each kind of love? Which ones have come to your life and which ones you haven’t yet experienced?


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