The Best Horror Podcasts to Listen to Today

Listening to podcasts is simply one of the many ways you can entertain yourself while spending most of your time at home. Now, we all know that quarantining ourselves and limiting contact with other people is important to contain the spread of COVID-19. So, we have to find ways to keep our life at home fun! If you like listening to podcasts and want a little extra spice and scare, here are some great horror podcasts!

The NoSleep Podcast

First off, let’s start with one of the most popular which is the NoSleep Podcast. It’s become one of the most well-known horror podcasts because it’s born from the subreddit of the same name. With above 300 episodes already and about 5 stories per episode, you’ll have the option of binge-listening or just listening to it in the background while doing your work. Additionally, each story is told in the first person. So, as a listener, you can really immerse yourself (if that’s a good thing).

The Dark Verse

The Dark Verse is another great podcast to listen to, mainly because of its vibe and simplicity. For one, they create a great vibe because of the signature vocal filter added to the narrator’s voice. This horror podcast also already has above a hundred episodes. The great thing about The Dark Verse is that it already has something like its own universe of fantastical and metaphysical horrors. Each story also leaves you with something to think about, which is always a bonus!

Knifepoint Horror

Speaking of simplicity, Knifepoint Horror is another podcast that’s popularly known for exactly that! In fact, it really does fit the definition of simplicity. There are no sudden bursts of background music to fill in the silences and it also only relies on only one speaker. It’s very stripped down and that really adds to the creepy atmosphere of each story. There are about 50 episodes already so you can binge if you want.

Video Palace

All the podcasts we’ve mentioned so far have a lot of episodes. But if you’re hoping for something short yet still intense, Video Palace might just be the one for you. It starts when the main character finds a strange white VHS tape. Then, he and his girlfriend fall into a life of occult mystery! We’ll stop the tease there. This podcast runs for 10 episodes and the quality of each is enhanced because of the intervention of real-life horror writers and filmmakers!


Limetown is known for having one of the best production values among horror podcasts. It features the story of a fictional radio host trying to figure out the mystery of several people vanishing from their town. The storytelling is superb and the whole ambiance they’ve created really makes the podcast worth listening to.

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