Singapore: New Restaurants

Singapore is known to many things. Their laws, the people, the events/festivals, the history, culture and many more, there’s no country that you can compare with this beautiful island. Are you familiar with the chewing gum law? What about universal studios? Sentosa Island? Singapore Zoo? These are only few of the many views in Singapore which also help the country become wealthy.


Singapore is a rich country and that they can sustain their own country with their own money. Singapore is an economically developed country. That is why it is one of the richest countries in the globe. Because of this, many businessmen believe that the country has a great potential especially in food business. In the year 2012, many food businesses opened. This has made Singapore’s economy more stable. Here are the following restaurants that recently opened and put a great help in the economy of the country.

The Naked Finn

Seafood is best served here. Crustaceans, fish and mollusks are the trademark recipes here. Also, squid recipes with the taste of Indian delicacy are being plated here. In addition, lobsters are also included in their menu.


Burnt Ends

The saying “small but terrible” best describe this restaurant. Being a small restaurant does not guarantee that it serves tasteless dishes. Burnt ends have only 18 memorable seats. This is because of their overpowering dishes especially barbeques. Here, the most recommended foods are grilled squid and smoked quail eggs.

Clearly, there no other place to visit if you crave for food because there are many restaurants who can serve you the best.



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