Singapore: Freebies for Kids

Kids definitely love to play with water. Whether it is a home-made pool, an outdoor pool, a water hose, a water slide or anything as long as it has water, kids will surely have fun with it. In Singapore, there are a lot of people who loves the outstanding services of many child-friendly places most especially the sites that has perks for kids.


Marina Barrage

When it comes to fun, staffs here are not strict but when it talks about security, do not expect a loosened protection. Here, there is a policy that when it rains, all people must evacuate to the pool because there is a possibility that lightning can strike anywhere. Just to assure safety, the staffs are making this regulation to avoid serious injuries to its customers. It is recommended to go on a sunny day at Marina Barrage so that you can tour to the different spots in the vicinity such as fountains, great spouts, water walls and sprays.


Jacob Ballas Children Park

Here, entrance fee is free for kids. However, children must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian or else he cannot enter the area. Jacob Ballas Children’s Park has a 3-storey tree house with a playground and a suspension Bridge that is mostly visited by children as well as adults. Also, the park has an attractive trees and plants that are very good for the eyesight. With just looking at the greenery in the park, you’ll feel relaxed and your stress will be eliminated.



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