Sentosa’s Wings of Time

What are things to do here in Singapore at night? There’s the restaurant. You can eat to your heart’s content. There are many themed restaurants here that you can go to. If fancy restaurant is not your thing, you can always check the night clubs and pubs. These places are lively that you will surely enjoy booze and laughter with your friends and co-workers.


Actually, there are a lot of things to do here in Singapore at night. If you want something new, you can consider the latest attraction in Sentosa. There’s the Wings of Time. Wings of Time has attracted many guests since it opened. If you haven’t heard about it, this is the time to get to know it. Here are some facts about it:

  • Its predecessor: Its predecessor is the Songs of the Sea. The Songs of the Sea ended in May 2014 after being witnessed by more than 8.3 million audience. It was eventually replaced by Wings of Time.
  • Why the change: The management decided to change because of time. Songs of the Sea entertained its audiences for seven years and the reality is, it is a very long time. The management finally decided to energize the Songs of the Sea. However, there are things from the Songs of the Sea that are kept. For example, the simplicity of the plot and the location of the show.


  • Attendees: According to the management, Wings of Time attracted more than 75,000 audiences in its first month. By the way, Wings of Time opened on June 17, 2014.
  • Features: It took $10 million to make this new project happen. The show features lots of attraction like multimedia effects, pyrotechnics and water fountains. It is a 25 minute show that conveys the story of two teens (Felix and Rachel). It tells about their escapades as they aid the bird-like creature (Shahbaz) go home.
  • Admissions: Wings of Time is shown twice a night (7:40 and 8:40pm). For premium seats, tickets cost $23 and for standard seats, tickets cost $18. Singaporeans only need to pay $15. It will run for five years and the management hopes to host more than 2500 audiences per session.

Singaporean or not, may admired the new attraction. The management believes that the number of attendees will still grow in the years to come. If you want to bring your whole family to witness its magnificence, you can do so. Your kids will surely be amazed of the new effects and water fountains. Oh, there’s pyrotechnics too! What are you waiting for?


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