Purpose of a Wedding Portal

Wedding portals are the sites commonly visited by most engaged couples in Singapore to aid planning of wedding events. These portals are used to gather and solicit ideas from different people about wedding preparation matters, such as venues, caterers, themes, dresses, food, and a lot more. All these portals may have different user interface but more likely to have the same function. Furthermore, many wedding portals don’t charge you a single cent, though a few may require minimal membership fee for added benefits and optimum services.


  1. 1.     Wedding portals are used to solicit ideas.

Wedding portals such as wedding bliss in Singapore are used for a common purpose: to aid soon-to-be-married couples in planning their wedding. Since portals usually contain links of different websites and sources, wedding planning becomes much easier. The ideas shared by other site members can also offer variety of concepts that can be applied to your wedding.

  1. 2.     Wedding portals guide wedding planning.

Most wedding portals have checklists or step-by-step guide for wedding events. If you’re doing the planning on your own, a checklist will be a great help to complete all the necessary requirements needed on your big day. From the bouquet at the altar to the food and drinks for the reception, they’re all included in the wedding checklist to ensure nothing is missed.

  1. 3.     Wedding portals are sources of different vendors

Many wedding portals, like wedding bliss, feature different weddings Singapore vendors. Some weddings Singapore vendors for bouquets, food and drinks, venue and banquet halls, and wedding planners are featured in a wedding portal. A single website may contain a couple of vendors for every category for the portal members to choose from. Services offered, price rates, and contact details are also given for portal member’s use.


  1. 4.     Wedding portals allows sharing of experiences.

If you had an awesome, or even awful, experience in one of the featured vendors on the site, sharing it to the page will benefit soon-to-be married couples for them to be aware of the kind of services a certain vendor offers. By that, you get to help other couples and give the vendor the praise and attention they deserve if they have pleased you with their amenities. In contrast, if the vendor did not satisfy you at all, your feedback will serve as a critique to improve their services. You did not only help soon-to-be-married couples, but the vendor as well.

  1. 5.     Wedding portals can also serve as your personal wedding website.

There are many wedding online sites where you can make your own wedding website. A personal wedding website contains all the information about your wedding. Some of these sites can be made personalized to further show the concept of the wedding. Also, many do-it-yourself sites offer features like registry management, blogs, budget management, and online RSVP tools to aid couples through the wedding organization process.

  1. 6.     Wedding portals can be used to disseminate the news.

In relation to the previous purpose, a wedding website can be used to spread the news to your relatives and friends from faraway places. Though online invitations sound a bit informal, it has been widely used lately because of the convenience it brings to the busy couple.

Especially if you’re planning for a destination wedding, where all your guests must come from various locations, you don’t have much time to play the role of a travel agent. Therefore, a wedding website could be your best option where you can post travel details, hotel accommodations, local dining options, and other fun activities to do during your guests’ stay.

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