Marvels of Fireworks

Marina-Bay-Sands-Fireworks-Singapore Singaporeans felt the kick of New Year upon witnessing the fireworks display at Boon Lay town. The colourful fireworks flashed the sky for about ninety seconds. Apart from that, there were six dinosaur robots who growled to welcome the year. New Year countdown in Boon Lay town is an annual event. This year, there were 20,000 people who revelled in this event.

Fireworks are devices especially designed for religious, cultural and aesthetic purposes. Firework displays are called pyrotechnics. They are designed to produce effects for all people to marvel. You should know the effects of pyrotechnics. Here are some effects:

  • Peony – If you see a firework display characterized by a spherical break, you are looking at a peony. Peony is the most common effect. It will burn with no tail effect.Team_Singapore_fireworks_display_from_Singapore_Fireworks_Festival_2006
  • Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemum is like the peony characterized by a spherical break. The only difference is its visible tail effect.
    • Willow – The willow is similar to the chrysanthemum. The only difference is that it presents lesser ongoing flare after it is ignited. You will notice that the flames will slowly extinguish which forms a willow branch.
    • Ground Bloom Flower – The ground bloom flower is an effect that is designed to give an ongoing thrust. The thrust will give a spin that will give an effect of sparks in all angles. The spin will change the flame’s colour. You will know it is the end if its flames are orange.
    • Dahlia – Dahlia is similar to the peony. The only difference is that dahlia offers larger but fewer starts. The stars from dahlia travel longer before it will burn it.
    • Palm – If you see a display that presents large comet bursting in large tendrils, you are seeing the palm effect. If you light it, you will see a tail that ascends forming a palm trunk.131003145250-seoul-fireworks-festival-8-horizontal-gallery


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