Managing Wealth and Happiness

People often believe that material wealth is the ultimate happiness. Here in Singapore, everyone strives to be wealthy. That is not wrong but if it compromises one’s happiness, then it becomes an issue. We heard about many success stories in the past but we fail to think if they are totally happy in their state.

Man with money

According to experts, being rich will only give you happiness at a certain point in time. Beyond that point, having more money will not make things better. In reality, it will make you numb. You will not derive joy in life’s simple pleasures because you think money can buy it all.

There are Singaporeans who get very lucky and get very rich. When this happens, it is important that they put in mind the following things:


  • Do not lose sight of your dreams and ambitions: Some rich people only know how to spend lavishly. They live without working and spend money without a whim. Unfortunately, when they have money, they tend to lose sight of their dreams and ambitions. When this happens, their life will be meaningless.  Do not be like this. You have to continue living your life even with all the money and glory.
  • Preserve wealth: There are rich people who easily spend money without thinking of the future. Preserving the wealth is important if they want to be on top and meaningful. You have to preserve your wealth and learn how to invest wisely. You should have a concept of finance management.
  • Always have a plan: You always need to have a plan so when you encounter sudden bumps, you are equipped to handle it.


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