How to Survive an Abduction

There was an abduction incident on January 8, 2014. The 79 year old woman was abducted along Hougang Avenue 2. Mdm Ng Lye Poh was walking home from the market alone. There was no one to accompany her which made her an easy target.  According to reports, there were two men who abducted her. The two roused her to come with them telling her that her son sustained a fall. Believe it or not, the abduction of Madam Ng was the first case of kidnapping in more ten years.


Madam Ng willingly followed. She was bounded and blindfolded for many hours. She only had water and did not eat anything; she was allowed to go out of the car to relieve herself though. After confirming that the ransom money was completed, the two abductors freed her along Seletar West Camp. But the two abductors were arrested after an hour. The police were commended for their swift actions.

The old woman endured the abduction but the horror will last forever. As much as possible you do not want to be taken forcibly but you cannot discount the fact that there are people out there who are driven with their ill intentions. If you realized that you are taken against your will, you should remember the following things:

Human Trafficking

1. Do not resist and keep calm. The initial response of the victim is to resist or fight back but that is not advisable. You will only hurt yourself. In fact, if you act hostile, the abductor will subdue you by beating or sedating you. It is not easy to stay calm when you feel threatened but you have to do that so you can think clearly.

2. Do not provoke your abductor. It is important that you sit still and avoid sudden movements. If you make sudden movements, your abductor will think that you are attempting to flee. They might interpret it as hostile. When your abductor asks some question, you do not need to divulge anything but give them something so they won’t get provoked. Your safety comes first.

3. Be observant. It is important that you are observant. If you are aware of your environment, you will find ways to escape. For example, if you know the schedule of your abductors, you can devise a plan that can help you escape. Be sure to eat the food given to you no matter how disgusting it looks. You need all the energy to survive.

If you want to reduce your chances of being abducted, you should never leave your house alone. You should also avoid dark, narrow and deserted places. Be vigilant and have a safe journey everyone!

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