How to Recover After Pulling an All-Nighter

Pulling an all-nighter to finish a task at work only happens once in a while, but when it does it still feels terrible. Although there’s no way around feeling completely drained out after not being able to sleep, there are certain things that you can do to make the day after less tiring. In fact, the following actions you take before and after an all-nighter will help you bounce back and keep you from ruining the rest of your week.


  1. Get Plenty of Sleep Beforehand

If you know that you’ll be pulling an all-nighter a few days from now, prepare for it. On the days leading up to it, try getting plenty of sleep. Skimping on sleep in a regular basis will cause you to feel the effects of pulling an all-nighter much stronger.

  1. Take a Nap

Got some time for a nap? Consider taking one, but don’t sleep for too long or you’ll end up feeling groggy as you wake up. Taking a nap as short as 10 minutes is already enough – as long as you don’t go over 45 minutes. Sleeping longer will only cause you to experience sleep inertia, and you might have some trouble shaking off that feeling. A quick power naps is already enough to recharge you, and get you through the rest of the day.

  1. Stay Hydrated

What do you usually drink when you’re tired? Most likely it’s coffee, soda or tea. But instead of drinking these, try water instead. Although it won’t give you a rush like how a shot of espresso can, it’ll help you feel better in the long run – especially on the days when you’re sleep deprived.


  1. Skip the Gym for a Day

Although performing an energy-boosting workout seems like a good way to perk up your tired body, fitness experts in Singapore still recommend skipping exercising when you lack sleep. Not having enough sleep will affect your body coordination, causing exercising to be potentially dangerous. Just take things easy, and hit the gym the following day.

  1. Perform Some Stretching Exercises

Performing an intense workout may not be a good idea, but doing a little yoga will be beneficial both for your mind and body. Stretching and strengthening your muscles will massage your internal organs, and rinse off toxins from your body. The breathing exercises in yoga helps as well, as it allows your blood to receive fresh oxygen to increase your energy level and revitalize your entire system.

Pulling an all-nighter isn’t the best feeling you’ll ever experience, but by putting the aforementioned tips to work, you’ll definitely be able to bounce back from its effect without further tiring your body.


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