How to Have a Good Time Despite the Haze


The haze is inevitable. It is here in Singapore and there is nothing that we can do to keep it at bay. We will be affected and we are advised to stay indoors or suffer its implications. According to National Environment Agency (NEA), the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) for the next days is within the “unhealthy” range. If the haze becomes denser, the range will be alleviated to “very unhealthy”.


With this, we are worried about the welfare of our children. Unless the authorities say it is safe to go outside, it is better to stay safe inside the house. Another challenge is to keep our children entertained so they will not think about wandering outside. Keeping children inside the house can be challenging but there are many tricks that we can consider.

Here are some activities that guarantee we have a good time despite the haze:

  • Cooking together: If our kids like to eat, the best thing to do is cook together. Once in a while, we have to cook home meals because it warms the heart. Instead of ordering food, the best bonding moment is cooking together. This way, we will instil the importance of healthy, home cooked meals and how they can contribute.


  • Reading together: Learning is fun and possible even if we are inside the house. If our kid loves book, there are plenty of books that we can consider. This is why we should consider putting shelves with all kinds of books. This is to encourage our kids to read since the books are readily available.


  • Watching movies together: If our kids are movie buffs, we should watch movies together. It doesn’t mean we have to go out. If we have that all-surround system, watching movies will be so good that we do not need to go out. If we do not have any DVDs, we can scour our cable TVs and look for movies and other documentary films.


  • Playing together: The easiest activity to kill time is playing together. Depending on the likes of our kids, we should initiate it. If our kids love board games, we have to do our best to play. If our kids want video games, we have to learn their craft so we can beat them.


  • Talking: When all things are not available, sometimes talking is the best activity to kill time until we all fall asleep.

The haze is serious. This is not something that we should ignore and go about our everyday lives. We have to remain still inside the house when NEA advises us to do so.


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