Heart-Warming Festivals in the Lion City

Not only Singapore is abundant financially, Singapore is also rich in different varieties of cultures. That is why there is a lot of festival held in the country whole year round. In Singapore, festivals are as festive and as colorful as what you think.


Actually, there are a lot of activities that is well-liked by many Singaporeans and foreign visitors as well. These are their good-looking military display, the famous dragon boat racing, art displays, religious traditions and more.

These are some significant celebrations in the Lion City:


  • Thaipusam Festival: Almost all festivals around the world in celebrated happily but Thaipusam festival (a festival for Hindus) is different from other festivals. Actually, it is a very rare celebration wherein people pierce themselves to show how they praise their God. It is observed every February.
  • Chinese New Year celebration: This is a much known celebration as it is celebrated around the world by different Chinese-colonized countries. In Singapore, the celebration lasts for 15 days which begins in January.
  • River Festival: This is celebrated every June wherein there are a lot of Chinese bumboats that will join the water parade. Also, the famous dragon boat race is held on the same month.
  • Singapore Arts Festival: This is a month long festival that is held every May until June. This festival describes the arts of Singapore, its dance, culture and music. Also, all museums are widely open for visitors.

Festivals depicts history of a country, therefore, it must be preserved and organized properly. Also, it must be celebrated colorfully.


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