Easy Ways to Get Ready in the Morning Fast

There are a few things worse than rushing in the morning just to get ready. Your liquid eyeliner gets everywhere, your hair looks fine from the top until you find a bump in the back as you pass by a mirror. Basically, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. More than just understanding how stressful rushing to get ready is, we listed down a few tips on how you can make getting ready in the mornings a lot easier for yourself.


  1. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

Getting dressed before 7am shouldn’t involve too much thinking. A good way to do this is to pick out your outfit the night before. From your shoes to your earrings, have everything laid out. If you’re unsure that you like the look, wear your chosen pieces on the night before. Also, consider placing your clothes in the order that you will put them on – placing your thong and bra on top of the pile.

  1. Wake Up to an Awesome Music

With the age of smartphones, you now have the power of technology at your fingertips – including the ringtone for your alarm. So instead of waking up to an annoying buzz, do yourself a favour and spend a dollar or two to buy your favourite song. That way, you’ll wake up dancing like Beyoncé instead of dreading the day ahead of you.

  1. Make Your Hair and Makeup Routine Easy

Just like your outfit, create an order in your beauty kingdom before going to sleep. Untangle your hair dryer from the hot tools jammed in your vanity; ensure that your makeup brushes are clean, since nobody got time to wash glitter makeup off the brushes a few minutes before going to work. Switch up the products in your makeup area from sparkle to classy nude, so you’ll get out of the door without looking like a toddler gave you some makeover.


  1. Eat While on the Go

Even if you’re in a hurry, eating some breakfast is still necessary. So stick your bagel in the toaster, or hard boil some eggs and place them in the fridge the night before. If you want, consider purchasing some individual yogurts. Remember, it’s all about keeping things simple so you won’t be scurrying in your kitchen early in the morning.

  1. Streamline Everything You Need Before Leaving

Place your keys next to your purse, ensure that your bus or parking pass is in your wallet, and print out the form that you’ll need in your meeting before going to bed. If it’s going to rain, bring an umbrella with you. Pretend that you’re a student preparing for the first day at school.

Getting ready in the morning shouldn’t be that stressful if you just know how to simplify your morning routines. Put the aforementioned tips to work, and you’ll be able to get that extra beauty rest on your side.


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