Determine What’s Best For You – Surgical or Non-Surgical Nose Fillers

Many men and women in Singapore are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their nose. The feeling of frustration towards the appearance of the nose often starts at a very young age, when kids start to get conscious and notice the difference of ideal and less than ideal nose. As they grow up, the more they will realize how important it is to look pleasing in order to fit in the society. Most of them would probably look into the options of surgical and non-surgical procedures in altering the appearance of their nose.


So how does a non-surgical nose fillers differ from traditional surgical nose fillers?

Lasting Period of Result
The result of a surgical nose fillers can last a lifetime, but not non-surgical procedures. Non-surgical nose jobs use injectable nose fillers, which are destroyed by the body over time until its effect disappears. However, there are some filler that give permanent results, and can be impossible to alter when the result is unsatisfactory. Unsatisfactory outcome is possible due to unpredictable tissue changes caused by the substance used. Common fillers used for non-surgical nose job provide results that can only last up to two years or even earlier.

Flaws Each Technique Corrects
Non-surgical nose fillers is performed Singapore aesthetic surgeons to alter minor nose problems, like bumps and dents, and cannot correct functional problems and reduce the size of the nose. With surgical nose fillers treatment by Astique you can correct almost any kind of nose problems, from minor surface unevenness to breathing complications. Some of the flaws that non-surgical rhinoplasty repairs are disproportioned size of the sides of the nose, crooked nose, and nose humps.


Non-surgical nose fillers is considered a good option because it’s less invasive compared to surgical procedure. It’s painless and time efficient as well, and provides lesser complications and risks. With surgical nose job, it is required to create an incision to the skin, which exposes you to infection. And because the skin is cut, it requires more time for the wound to completely heal before you’re allowed to go back to your normal routine.

Qualified Candidates
If you’re anywhere between 18 and 50 years old, born with a nose that makes you unhappy or self-conscious, you could be a good candidate for any of the two nose job technique. However, if you’re looking for quick remedy and you can’t afford the cost and extra healing time needed, you’re most suitable for non-surgical nose job. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a one-time procedure that could give lifetime effect, you’ll benefit more with surgical nose job. Just make sure to have your nose done in a reputable aesthetic clinic.


Surgical and non-surgical nose jobs are both performed by almost any aesthetic clinic in Singapore to give remedy to people who want to achieve better looking nose. It is important for someone wishing to undergo a nose job to understand the effects of each technique before deciding which procedure to go for.

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