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The Road to Becoming a Morning Person

Not a lot of people can confidently call themselves true morning persons. In fact, waking up early in the morning is something a lot of us dread doing. Sleeping in sounds just like the perfect idea – but there goes our responsibilities, upcoming deadlines, and other urgent tasks joining in the picture.

The good news is: you can always change your ways. You may not be a natural morning person, but if you begin to change your lifestyle, you can turn into this other person who appreciates waking up early instead.

Becoming a morning person means you’ll become more prepared and on top of your game, not to mention you’re likely ready for whatever comes your way.

1. Follow a bedtime
Following a bedtime is still a good idea even after you’re long done having read bedtime stories for. Accordingly, getting your body acquainted with a bedtime schedule is one way to form healthy sleeping habits. This makes it easier to wake up even in mornings when the sun hasn’t risen fully yet. If you adapt this habit regularly, chances are your body will function as a natural alarm clock!

2. Keep your alarm clock away from bed
The dangers of keeping your alarm clock next to your bed is the temptation of hitting that snooze button to continue sleeping in peace. You may not be in an alert state while doing so, and this might endanger all your important meetings, examinations, and other appointments you have to arrive in time for. If you keep your alarm clock a little further, however, you will be forced to get out of bed just to turn it off.

3. Set an alarm tone
An annoying beep or rising tone may just ruin your mornings. Hearing such a sharp sound first thing in the morning may drive you in your worst mood. In order to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed, set your alarm to a music you like. Hearing it in the morning may just allow you to wake up rather calmly. You are also more likely to be in a good mood as well!

4. Open your curtains
One way to let that morning sunshine inside your room is to leave your curtains/blinds open before you sleep. The natural daylight is found to help the brain recognize it is time to wake up in the early morning. If enough daylight finds its way inside your room, perhaps, you may not even need the help of an alarm clock anymore. A sunny room is enough to signal your mind and body that it’s time to rise and shine!

5 Things Men Should Quit Doing by 30

There’s quite a lot of immature stuff society will give you a pass on when you’re on your 20s, but most of these things get depressing and downright stupid as you march towards your 30s. We expect people to improve themselves as they get older, especially men since the possibility of having kids and a family comes to picture.

With that in mind, here’s a list of five habits every man needs to break once they reach 30.

1. Getting Into Online Arguments

By the time you’re 30, you should have better things to do with your time than get into fights in the comments section of a forum or a Facebook post. If you have that much time to waste in the internet, you must be unemployed.

2. Keeping All Your Money in One Place

Ideally, by the time you’re 30, you should be making more money than ever and you must not be keeping all your savings in a regular savings account. During this time you should know how to make your money work for you, such as by putting it in a retirement plan as well as broadening our investment portfolio.

3. Constantly Playing Video Games

Video and mobile games are spending so much and making every effort to branch out to different consumers. Although no one is going to look down on you for playing some game on your iPhone while sitting on a bus, slouching in front of your computer for 48 hours because you have to reach a specific EXP point to level up, something is wrong.

4. Binge Drinking

We don’t mean to stop drinking any and all kinds of liquor. It’s actually healthy to drink in moderation, and in fact, you may need to when you’re out with your bosses and colleagues. You’re a grown man now, there’s no need to show off how macho you are with booze. If you want to drink, just drink—no need to get drunk.

5. Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Rich men are rich because they are considerate enough to invest or save their money. Wealth is something we need to work hard at, even if it means living in poverty today for a better and brighter tomorrow. If being wealthy isn’t motivating you, just consider the emergencies that might need you to have some extra cash on hand. What if you get into an accident? Do you have enough cash to send yourself to the hospital or have your car repaired?

Being in your 30s does not mean you’re over the hill; in fact, your life has just begun. However, it’s expected from us to be more responsible with our actions and make better decisions in life.

How to Combat Laziness

Some days you just don’t feel motivated to do anything. And it’s not like you’re depressed even, but you just want to sit on your butt and do nothing.

There are things you can do to combat laziness, so read on… if you feel like it.

What’s causing it?

Think about what’s making you lethargic. You must have had a stressful day at the office or maybe there is a task you’re supposed to complete but you don’t know how to begin. Maybe you don’t see the point of taking action at all. Identify the root of the problem, then come up with a solution.

Where is your motivation?

Maybe you loved your job the first few months, but then your boss is demanding more from you everyday. If you feel that your job sucks, think about why you wanted it in the first place. Look at the things that make it enjoyable (besides the salary).

Is it something else?

Lack of motivation could be a sign of another condition. Maybe it’s time to get a check-up. If it’s stress, you shouldn’t ignore it either. Being mentally, emotionally and physically healthy will help you cope better with challenges in life.

Can’t take the pressure?

Sometimes we’re given a challenge that we don’t want. If a project at school seems too daunting, break it up into smaller, easier tasks. If you need to finish a report for work, don’t do everything in one sitting. A few short breaks will help keep you focused.

Maybe you need a push?

You can’t avoid everything unpleasant in life. If you don’t want to complete a task, then slog through it. Push yourself until you’re done and your burden will be lifted. Sometimes a who-cares attitude is better than tormenting yourself about your incompetence.

Perhaps you do need a break?

Take a vacation, try a new hobby or go out with friends. Do something other than what’s causing you to be lazy. But don’t stay on vacation for too long. You need to study or work too. And if you’re too lazy to have fun, start with something simple you can do at home.

Maybe you need to stop having fun?

So maybe you’re too happy with your hobbies and interests that it takes up most of your time. You’re no longer motivated to work, because you ask, what the heck is it for? Well, just think that you need that job to keep having fun. Limit your time watching TV shows for example because if you lose that job, who’s gonna pay the bills?

Why not create a strategy?

Think about your future if you’re always lazy. Keep a list of your goals in life. Then make another list of things you need to do daily. Alternate those tasks with short breaks. If you see that you have a lot of idle time, then list other tasks that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Numbers Behind Self-Conscious Men and Women


Everything is made beautiful but in reality, the world is conscious about how it looks. Here in Singapore, men and women are conscious of how they look and how they behave. The society has this idea of what a woman or man should look and how to behave. If you do not follow the norm, you will be branded a deviant and for many, that do not sound good.


It is normal that you feel moments of self-doubt and insecurity. What is not normal is letting it linger longer thereby destroying your self-confidence. If you just let negative feelings sit for a while, then you have to learn to love yourself a little more.

Everyone’s Self Conscious

In this world, there is a belief that only women are self-conscious that is why they tend to overdo everything just to look good. You have to know that men also feel self-conscious as often as women. It is just that the media does not give attention to it. There is a recent study conducted by the scientific journal – body image.

The study involved more than 12,000 adult men and women. The respondents were given online surveys regarding their personal feelings specifically on body image stressing attention to physical appearance and weight. The results were actually informative and helpful in understanding how men and women see beauty.


Need to Improve Self-Image

Twenty percent of women and 15% of men respondents reported that they are “extremely dissatisfied” with their weight. In the case of physical appearance, 6% of men and 9% of women respondents said that they are “extremely dissatisfied”. This goes to show that men are also self-conscious about their weight and physical appearance.

On the other side of the coin, 26% of women and 28% of men are “extremely satisfied” with their physical appearance. As for the weight, 20% of women and 24% of men and respondents said that they are “extremely satisfied”. The researchers found an interesting conclusion – people who are dissatisfied have increased neuroticism, more fearful and preoccupied. Satisfied people on the other hand have higher self-esteem and openness.

Voicing Discontent

The study shows that men are also self-conscious like the women it is just that the society gives more attention to women. It would be good if there are further studies like this one in the future. It is clear that regardless of the gender, we all walk through the same path of looking good and feeling comfortable at the same time. Of course, the looks and the weight do not define your character but other people’s perception will influence how you think. So, if it makes you feel better, lose weight or apply something.


Foolproof Ways to Become a Productive Morning Person


Do you have a love-hate relationship with mornings? Yeah, you already know that waking up early can make you more productive and motivated to start the day, which is why successful people wake up before sunrise.


The problem is that you absolutely hate to get out of the bed earlier than you have to. If you badly wish to get rid of this practice and create a more success-propelling day routine, here are some simple techniques you can do that will make waking up in the morning much easier—and even more fun.

  1. Set your goal for the next morning before going to bed.

You’ll surely have a hard time getting up if your last thought before going to bed is the burden of having to wake up six in the morning. Instead of torturing your mind with negative thinking, find something that will motivate you to get out of the bed easily the next day, such as a hearty breakfast or even a good morning call to your significant other.

  1. Put your alarm clock far away from your bed.

Rather than placing your alarm clock on the side table next to your bed, move it far away from your bed. When the alarm goes off, you’ll be forced to rise and engaged to move. Moving is somehow energizing and helps you gain consciousness when you just woke up from deep sleep.


  1. Enjoy a protein-rich breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if you want a productive morning get a hearty fix before leaving home for work. After sleeping for six straight hours, our blood sugar and metabolism are at their lowest; a protein-rich meal will re-energize the body. A good breakfast should consist of a protein, a fruit and whole grains.

  1. Let the sunlight stream into your room.

A light box, which mimics the sun light, is probably the best fixture you can add in your room to push yourself to get up in the morning. The brain is naturally sensitive to light—the reason why we can’t sleep well in the morning even though we had the toughest day and went to bed past our bedtime the night before. If spending S$60 to S$250 on a light box isn’t an option, place your bed right across the window, so the sunlight can wake you up in the morning.

Hopefully, with these tips, your love-hate relationship with mornings may become an unconditional true love as you find the perfect and the most compatible morning routine for you.


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