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How to Avoid Jetlag

A lot of us love travelling to different destinations. Travelling can make us experience other cultures and marvel at the different scenic views. One downside of frequent travels is suffering from jetlag. It can hinder you from enjoying the place you are currently in and it can also go as far as having an impact in our overall health.


Here are some ways to avoid getting jetlag when travelling:

  • Getting enough sleep is important when travelling. It is recommended to get ample rest before travelling because it gives us energy needed during the flight. Experts can guarantee that without a good night’s sleep before your flight, you will surely be cranky during the flight itself.
  • Get enough hydration. When travelling, hydrating yourself is very vital. People who fly frequently state that dehydration can result to or worsen jetlag. Travelers recommend drinking fluids rich in antioxidants like green tea. Also, avoid drinking too much alcoholic beverages on flight because it can cause fatigue.


  • Make sure to exercise regularly. People who travel frequently must also get regular exercise. Exercising habitually will help bring down the stress levels in the body and will keep the body in good shape.
  • Meditate. Some people can experience restlessness while on the plane. One solution to this problem is meditation. Just close your eyes, relax and stop thinking about stressful and totally unnecessary matters.
  • Use natural remedies to combat jetlag. Use 500 milligrams of ginseng and 200 milligrams of schisandra berry in order to increase the brain’s overall mental function.schisandra

Guidelines to Have a Better Sleep

Sleep is very significant in our lives as it helps us to be ready on another day that we are about to encounter. Lack of sleep will always result to poor performance in school as well as in work. It can really affect everything that you are going to do. Sleeping is like eating. Once you have skipped an 8 hour sleep, your body will be as slow as a turtle. Your food intake will become abnormal because your sense of taste is not working properly and thus resulting to skip eating.


As said, we need to rest at least 6-8 hours sleep a day. So, if you find it hard to sleep well, consider following these guidelines:

  • Avoid sleeping during daytime: If you will sleep at daytime for long hours, you might not be sleepy at nighttime. However, if you only sleep for at least 15-20 minutes, you can manage to sleep well at night. On the other hand, if you are working at night, you are exempted to this guideline. In a scenario like this, you should have to close your entire window and prevent the light of the sun to pass to your room as this would disturb your daytime sleep.


  • Do physical activities: This includes playing various sports that will really make you weary. Since your body gets tired, you will be more likely to have a better sleep. However, always keep in mind that you are only allowed to do this at daytime because when you perform it when you are about to sleep, you cannot sleep properly.


Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System

If you want to be healthy, you need to fortify your immune system. You eat healthy and even exercise but you will be surprised to know that ordinary things can weaken your immune system. Here are some things that can weaken your immune system:


  • Lack of sleep: When you lack sleep, your body will be stressed. Stress will reduce your body’s regeneration abilities. It will aggravate heart disease as well as produce inflammation.
  • Sugar and processed foods: Sugars and processed foods can weaken your immune system because it will confuse the hormonal system.


  • Toxins: Additives and pesticides are toxins in the body.  They are toxins because they poison the body.
  • Anxiety and fear: All negative emotions release something that can affect the functions of the body. Holding negative feelings too long can wear out the immune system and as a result, you will get sick easily.
  • Stimulants: When you feel weak, you depend on your coffee or any stimulants. That is not good because it can dwindle the immune system. You have to live without your stimulants because your body will fall apart without it.
  • Recreation: Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes can affect your immune system. If you repeatedly abuse your body, your immune system will give up.

The things mentioned above will surely decrease your vitality. If you do not change your old habits, your immune system will be affected in no time, it will be stunted and supressed. If you look closer, living here in Singapore or in any urban city can diminish your immune system.

It is time that you spread this news to your fellow Singaporeans before they become sick and weak.


The Best Time

When it comes to being healthy, there is no such thing as bad timing. That is true but if you are thinking about maximizing your health, you need to keep in mind that there is the best time for everything. Timing can make a difference at the end of the day.  Singaporeans should keep that in mind.


If you are particular about best timing, you should consider some of these tips:

  • When to wake up: A solid night’s sleep is without a doubt helpful. However, you need to know that sleeping extra twenty or thirty minutes later than your usual time can make you more relaxed all throughout the day.
  • When to weigh yourself: The best time to weigh yourself is after the bathroom or before you eat your breakfast. Make sure that you wear little when weighing because it will give you an accurate reading.
  • When to apply sunscreen: The best time to apply sunscreen is thirty minutes before you head outside.


  • When to get sunlight: Thirty minutes after applying the sunscreen, you can get into the sun and enjoy it. Getting morning light can boost your energy plus it can shun depression.
  • When to eat breakfast: Ideally, you need to eat breakfast fifteen or thirty minutes after waking up. It should not be later than eight in the morning.
  • When to consider power nap: Napping is not only for babies. Power nap will boost your energy. At around two in the afternoon, your body temperature will dip which will bring your eyelids down. Instead of getting coffee, indulge your body in a ten minute siesta. That is called power nap.

If you want to be healthy, you can start with the things mentioned above. The good thing here in Singapore is that the government (particularly the Health Promotion Board) supports healthy lifestyle. If you are healthy, nothing can go wrong. Your days will be happier and brighter.


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