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4 Secrets to Raising Happy Child

As parents, we want our kids to grow up as good people, be able to love and be loved, follow their dreams and find their own success. Mostly, we want our kids to be happy. But how much control do we have over our child’s happiness? What can you do to create a healthy environment for their happiness to flourish? Read on for some ideas that will help strengthen your kids’ capacity to enjoy life.

Foster Connections

One great way to promote lifelong happiness is to help your child feel connected—to you, to the rest of the family members, to people around them and even to pets. Aside from knowing that their family loves and supports them, it’s also important for your child to make connections outside of the family and feel that they belong in the society.

When kids spend time outside with friends and learn the social norms, it allows them to feel like they are part of the world, fostering feeling of content and joy.

Boost His Self-Esteem

Boost your child’s confidence by praising the right things. Perhaps, many of us are guilty for praising our child as Picasso when he scribbles or the next Kobe when he scores a shot. While there’s nothing wrong with these, it can backfire over time.

If this is the only praise you give your child, he might think that if he doesn’t succeed, he’ll fall short and his parents won’t love him anymore. So, instead of praising results, praise the effort, the creativity, the persistence that goes into achieving the result rather than the result itself.

Let Him Experience Success and Failure

It sure is difficult to see our kids struggle, but they will never know the hardships and the thrill unless we let them experience their own failures. Few skills are acquired on the first try, and it is through constant practice they will achieve mastery. And through repetitive execution of mastery they can develop the persistence that they can use in facing future challenges with optimism, which is the foundation of a happy life.

Give Him Responsibilities

Human as we are, we have that natural feeling to want to be needed. So, the more you let your child feel that he is making an important contribution to the family, from an early age, the greater his sense of self-worth is.

As early as three, your child can contribute something meaningful in the family, like refilling pet’s food bowl, setting out napkins for dinner or help watching with her baby sister as you prepare the dinner table. As long as you let them contribute and acknowledge their contribution, it will heighten their confidence, which plays an important role for lasting happiness.

Happiness of your kids depends so much on your efforts to impart and convey the right principles and values. By cultivating an environment that promotes love, gratitude and positivity, it would be easier for your children to find happiness on their own.

When Your Child Talks Back: The Constructive Communication Approach

You ask your kid to quit playing video games because it’s time for some homework and he answers back with “whatever.” Does this attitude mean you have shortcomings as a parent?

Not necessarily. There are many reasons that influence this attitude. Sometimes, kids test boundaries to check what they can get away with. They may also do this to get attention because talking back guarantees a parent’s attention. Whatever the reasons may be, it is realistically difficult not to reply angrily. But there are, of course, wise course of actions to take that disable us to give in to our kid’s disrespectful attitude.

Watch your language and model values

If there is one thing we often hear about raising kids, that is “everything starts at home.” As a parent, it is critical to monitor your own language in dealing with your child especially when you feel like yelling or criticizing. When this is about to happen, bite your tongue and breathe deeply. Remember that your action models something to your child. If you don’t want to breed an ill-mannered kid, then don’t behave like one.

In a parenting article posted on, Dr. Borba suggests that intervention is highly needed the moment the child displays rude tone of voice or choice of words.  This can be done by allowing your child to be aware of this as you speak in a firm yet calm voice, “Let’s speak when you speak right.”

Build emotional bank with your child

Take advantage of every opportunity that you can positively connect with your child. This can involve knowing and learning what hobbies or activities interests your child, and you can start from there. You may want to invite your kid to join a workshop together or visit his favorite theme park.

Express your willingness to show that you aren’t just there to punish them when they’ve done something wrong, but you’re also someone whom they can always count on. Children think twice in hurting the feelings of their parents when they feel appreciated, loved and connected to. Always see to it to spend at least 20 minutes with you kid every day while giving them positive reinforcement and attention.

Calmly approach your child’s behavior and set clear expectations

It might be a sarcastic answer or tone of voice that hurt you but do not level your response with the same approach. “I know that you are upset at the moment. I feel how much you need me to approve of what you’re asking, but let’s talk about this when we are both calmer.”

This way, we teach our children about building a respectful conversation with another person. When kids disrespect and parents ignore it, they are given no favors. If parents respond with the same disrespectfulness, it is validating the rude behavior. In short, they take it from us.

It’s imperative to discuss and explain that there are behaviors which are off-limits. If you are not pleased with your child’s sarcastic remarks, clear that out. “It is disrespectful when I talk to you and you answer that way. Please refrain from doing that.”

Qualities of a Good HVAC Service Provider

For most people, inviting an aircon servicing contractor into your home is a test of trust – trust that your decision results in good workmanship at a reasonable price. With a lot of options available in the market, however, it’s often difficult to tell whether or not you’ve hired the right service provider, especially if you’re not familiar with the processes, the equipment, and the industry in general. The key here though is to identify the right people even before your A/C unit breaks down.

Here, we’ve listed down some of the signs and qualities that will serve as assurance that you’ve hired the right technician for your repair needs.

1. Bonded, Insured and Licensed

When you’re in a hurry to get your air conditioning unit repaired, it’s quite easy to forget that you need to hire a reputable aircon repair technician to work on your HVAC needs. Still, it’s crucial that you hire someone who is licensed, insured and bonded. This will give you an assurance that any liability will be covered in case something goes wrong during the repair process of your A/C unit. Hiring a licensed technician also ensures that the person you hired is qualified to perform any repair or maintenance work on your air conditioning system. After all, it’s your property they’re working on and it’s just right that you make sure you’re not at risk of getting scammed.

2. Broad Technical Expertise

The friendliest of HVAC servicing company in Singapore won’t be of much use to you if they don’t have technical expertise necessary to fix your air conditioning unit. Your prospective technician should be able to pinpoint what caused the problem, and should also know how to fix it so you could immediately return to your normal routine. It would also be a good idea to inquire about the types of training he has undergone, as well as what he does to keep his license in good standing. Remember that a good A/C technician continually undergoes training sessions to become an industry leader and to stay on top of their field.

3. Confident Professionalism

Even if you’ve hired an experienced HVAC technician, an air conditioning system could show unusual issues that might take some time to resolve. This situation can be particularly stressful for customers, especially if the A/C unit malfunctions during the summer when the temperature can get very high. On such situations, when you find local aircon master in Singapore, your prospective aircon servicing contractor should be able to remain calm, composed and focused on the work that needs to be done. He should work diligently to solve the issue, while reassuring and keeping you informed about the progress of the repair job.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

It’s definitely a good idea to hire a highly skilled contractor to diagnose and repair your air conditioning system, but it’s even better if the person knows how to communicate well with his customers. The best aircon maintenance and repair contractors always take the time to explain the entire process to their clients, while keeping them informed as the repair job progresses. They also take the time exploring and explaining possible options on equipment purchases and warranty plans, which allows you to be fully informed and be confident with the decisions you made and its possible outcomes.

5. Great Customer Service Skills

Welcoming an aircon servicing contractor in your home shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. A good technician is expected to act professionally, be friendly and informative. He should be courteous, well-groomed and be able to explain all the procedures – both in repairs and diagnostics – in a clear and concise way that you could understand. Your prospective contractor will also willingly answer all your queries about the repairs and maintenance work that you’re A/C unit needs. Lastly, a good technician will respect your home and treat it as if it’s their own.

6. Impeccable Work Habits

It’s imperative for HVAC technicians in Singapore to follow proper safety procedures as they often work with electricity, gas, water and other moving parts of both commercial and residential establishments. This means they are expected to conduct evaluations, tests and repairs in a thorough manner and without any shortcuts. Doing this ensures not just the safety of the technician, but your family and home’s safety as well. A professional A/C contractor will bring with him clean and well-maintained tools to use at work, and will secure the work area from children or pets before starting the repair job.

7. Use High-Quality Equipment

If there’s one important thing you should check on your prospective aircon servicing company, it’s whether or not they use good quality and durable equipment to provide maintenance and repair services for their clients. Since you’re investing in your A/C unit, you surely wouldn’t want your contractor to use inferior equipment to fix the issues of your air conditioning system. While opting for cheap equipment brands may seem like a good deal as of the moment, it’ll actually cost you more in the long run. So make sure that you check the equipment brands that your prospective technician use – and if possible, research about it to see if they are the best brands in the industry.

The best way to ensure that you have a good HVAC service provider is to hire someone from a reputable company in Singapore. Make sure that you hire a technician who’s knowledgeable, patient, and has undergone proper training to cater to your air conditioning service needs.

Places We Forget to Clean  


Our home is a reflection of who we are. If we are very messy, it will not be a surprise that our homes are messy too. If we are neat, our homes are likely neat too. Sometimes cleaning is difficult if we have many things to do but regardless of the schedule, we have to allot few minutes to clean our homes.


There are Singaporeans who clean their homes but forget other parts. It is important that we identify parts that we often ignore but still needs our attention every now and then. Here are the places we forget to clean:

  • Kitchen: Yes, we wash dishes, sweep and mop the floors but what of other parts? For instance, do we stop and consider our range vents? How about the gas burners and dishwasher? We should also not forget our cabinets as it can house pests not good for our health.
  • Office: We think everything is clean by simply wiping our tables and lampshades. It is important that we give attention to our computers as they can house thousands of bacteria and germ – especially in our keyboards. There are many cleaning agents here in Singapore that can help us with our computers.


  • Living room: When cleaning the living room, we have to include our remote, sofa and fans. Our remote, like keyboards can house thousands of harmful germs and bacteria. The fans with accumulated dirt can damage the motor or the blades and more importantly, the sofas should be vacuumed and cleaned as mites, bacteria and germs tend to settle there. Oh, do not forget the carpet.
  • Bedroom: How good it feels to sleep when our bedcovers and pillowcases are new, right? It is crucial that we clean our mattresses and pillow not just replace its covers. Our mattresses and pillow can also house mites that can cause itch.


7 Positive Traits of Parents With Successful Kids


Any parent would want their children to do well in school, stay out of trouble, and do the best things in the professional world. While there is no fix recipe for raising successful kids, studies pointed out a handful of factors that could ensure your child’s successful future.


1. Quality Time Over Quantity Time – It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to the time spent with the kids. A one or two hours of playing and having fun with your children is much more beneficial than a whole day of simply supervising them because you feel tired and stressed out to actually play with them.

2. High Expectations – When parents set expectations, children then follow suit. Children always want their parents’ approval, so they strive hard to meet their expectations.

3. Higher Socioeconomic Status – While this is often out of the parents’ control, children from families in higher socioeconomic status is said to be a huge predictor of how a child will do in the future. Not surprisingly though, fewer kids from less-fortunate families are able to go to college.


4. Sensitive to Child’s Needs – Kids who receive intensive care in their first three years do better in school and have healthier relationships with friends and colleagues in the future, according to researches. This simply suggests that investment during early child-parent relationships can result to long-term returns in an individual’s life.

5. Provide Early Academic Skills – Providing a chance for your child to learn math at an earlier age makes it more likely that he will do well in school. Learning the most basic math lessons predicts a better future not just for your child’s math achievement, but also his reading achievement.

6. Higher Educational Attainment – If you finished high school and college, your child is more likely to as well. Aspiration is somehow said to be partially responsible because kids always look up to their parents.

7. Teaching Advanced Mindset – It is all about valuing and recognizing your child’s effort over his natural intelligence. At an early age, teach your child the principle of working hard in order to get far. Teach your little one that there’s no limit to what he can possibly achieve if he dedicates 100% of his effort.

Taking good care of our children to ensure they become good persons can already be challenging, but making sure they would be successful professionals in the future is much more daunting. By knowing these traits, parents should now know how they can help prosper their child’s knowledge and talents to become among the world’s most victorious individuals.


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