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How Avoiding Multitasking Can Affect Your Productivity

It’s become hard to notice but, in this time and age, we multitask almost all the time. We look at our phones while walking, we listen to music while doing work, and sometimes we even do more than two things at once. Though many people say that multitasking helps them get their work done, it’s not necessarily the same for everyone. In fact, multitasking can affect our productivity negatively even. Here’s how:


Multitasking makes us more stressed

Every time you’ll have to multitask at work, you’re already putting yourself under stress. You’re going around here and there, doing this and that, and everything just becomes hectic. Think about it the next time you’re about to do it and see the difference between multitasking and not multitasking. You’ll see that you’re less stressed when you don’t have to do a lot of things at once.

Multitasking leads you to make more mistakes

Naturally, you will make mistakes because your focus is divided. Doing multiple tasks at once will obviously take a toll on your mind. For example, let’s say for some wild reason, you’re doing two projects at one time. Now, you have information you plan to put on one project but you put it on the other. You don’t notice it because your attention is already foggy. This is just one of the many crucial mistakes that can happen when you do too many things at once.

Multitasking gets in the way of your progress

With the two points mentioned above, you can easily see that multitasking significantly affects your progress negatively. For one, you become more stressed with your work. It will then become easier to experience more burnout or even lose motivation as a whole. You’ll also have to waste more time trying to fix the mistakes you make because of multitasking.

Multitasking can affect our brainpower

It’s been found that multitasking can also be damaging to our memory. For instance, while you’re on the way to work, you plan to pick up some food. But then, later on, you forget to do it because you were walking while looking at your phone the whole time. This sounds too simple but it’s small things like this that build up sooner or later. Our short-term memory is also affected when we’re focused on something, and then suddenly act on something else.

Our brains do not want us to multitask

Why? Because our minds are not made to multitask, that’s simply the case. Although our minds are great in almost all aspects, it’s still not recommended that we keep multitasking. If you’ve noticed, we even sometimes have difficulty focusing on just one task, how much more with two or three.

Tips on How to Stand Out as an Intern

In an internship, many interns desire to go out of their way to leave their mark and become an intern who shines. Instead of merely blending into the background, they would prefer to rather stand out in the eyes of their employer.

However – they somehow lose the drive once they’re assigned to do mundane tasks. This turns into a challenge for them to make their presence memorable to the people they work with around. The good news is, there are ways which an intern can do in order to leave a lasting impression and at the same time, (hopefully) gain eventual job prospects.

• Arrive prepared
One foolproof way to stand out from the rest is to arrive prepared. This leaves a pleasant impression on your colleagues and your employer. Rather than showing up doe-eyed and unprepared, reach out instead. Show initiative by asking if there is anything you can prepare for prior to your first day. Perhaps there’s an ongoing project you can help with, or skills/researching you can apply.

• Get to know your boss
This spans beyond knowing their name and what they ask of you to do. Accordingly, you must get to know your boss’ work style in order for you to go with the flow smoothly. Whenever you have a new boss, make sure to get to know them and the way they work so you can anticipate their possible needs. This will help you assist better in the likely event of project demands and other related tasks.

• Follow your internship description
Prior to starting out your internship, you are likely to be oriented of what’s expected of you and the general tasks you have to take over. Over the course of your internship, some tasks may be replaced with another or you might have additional tasks you have to do – but make sure that they’re still in line with the general description of the position you’ve applied for.

• Communicate
The key to having a smooth relationship with your boss and colleagues is to communicate with them properly. Make sure that you are on the same page with them (in the event of negotiations) to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Address any issues and concerns that arise as soon as possible to prevent trouble. Also, ensure that your needs are met.

• Get to know the staff
Your boss isn’t the only person you should get to know with over the course of your internship. The people around, the persons you work with, they are also the ones you must acquaint yourself with. Talk to everyone that works at the company during your free time – even with those outside of your own department. This is also one way to make connections and network yourself out there.

Excellent and Wide Vocabulary and Powerful Action Words


Putting words that are elegant looking on your resume will make hiring personnel believe that you are intelligent. Through this, there is a great chance that your resume will be chosen by the resource manager of the company or maybe the manager of the firm. The elegance you show in your resume will somewhat give an impression to the company that you are very competent and has a notable skill that cannot be seen on others. On your resume, refrain from repeating the words that you are writing because it will give a thought to the firm that you are excellent or they might think that you are so lazy.


Confidence on the Things you wrote on Your Resume

Explaining things like your work experiences would make an interviewer believe that you have an edge to others.  When you have work experience, the manager can easily love you as you have the idea on what the job they are offering is. Work experience is really a big advantage especially if you know how to multitask. With this, you can have confidence on the things you say and the actions that you show to managers. Even if they cannot see how you work, you can show them on the words that you say. Being a good communicator as this is the only chance that you will be hired. Most of the employers want a productive individual indeed. But how can they guarantee that an applicant is good? This is where communication skills take place.


Important: Know the Work and Company’s Nature

Interview is the most crucial event that can happen to an applicant because this is the time that one is being asked about his experiences, skills, talents and many more. Giving an impression to the employer about your capacity is like extending your arms to them and that you really want the position.


Giving Importance to the Firm and Work Environment and Position

You can all put your qualifications and skills on your resume but it is not sufficient. It is lacking. What is it? Is it about the personality or the educational background? No, it is not. It is about your interest about the job position and the institution that you want to work. This may be not have something to do for you but for many companies, this is very essential. Knowing a company gives an impression that you really want to work for them and you are very dedicated to put your efforts to the company.


Nowadays, it is very easy to know that nature of a particular company because of the technological advances. Computers as well as Internet made it easy for us to do things easier and one of that is the quick search for a company that you want to work. You can find them in many search engines like Yahoo!, Google and more.

Furthermore, you can see them in many social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. Before entering or going to an interview be sure to have researched enough about the company you are applying so that you will not be feel off balance and can concentrate about stating that your wants in the company.