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Different Part Time Jobs You Can Have Through The Internet

The internet is a friend to people looking for a part time job. In today’s technology, the internet offers endless opportunities because it is where jobs all over the world are posted. People from one country may end up having a job from another country because of the power of the internet. The internet has created a Global Village; therefore opportunities for jobs and part time jobs are also global.


First job that is commonly found and done through the internet is web designing. If you are a graduate of this kind of major or you are currently studying, but you have the capacity to design a website, this can be a good part time job for you. Web designing jobs pay well, so you are sure to have earnings to support yourself.

What comes after the web designer does his job on designing a website are writing contents. This job is now an opportunity for writers and those who have majors related to writing. If you have the fire to write anything under the sun, web content writing can be your part time job. Since you will write for websites which may not be intended for your country, you must expect some adjustments on your writing style. Nonetheless, this job also pays well. This job is commonly called as ‘outsourcing.’ Instead of the website owner writing for the website, he outsources writers from all over the world to write content for him.


Are you keen on listening and has a really high ear and hands coordination? Typist or transcription maker may be the part time job for you. In this job, the person employed is given a set of audio data, and his job is to transcribe whatever is recorded there. When it comes to typist jobs, the responsibility of the person is to just encode data from another source to the internet or in any application directed by the employer. This is an easy job and pay depends on the company and importance of the encoded and transcribed data.



Jobs in Singapore that Don’t Need a Degree

Almost all rich countries in the world require children to go to school. In Singapore, the same happens; they need to send their children to school to be educated and after that, they will work for their family and the government.


Educational degree is what many employers look at. However, in the event that you haven’t finished your studies, there is a job wherein you’ll possibly earn lots of money. In Singapore, it is one of the easiest job and many people are loves to do it because of its simplicity and hassle-free.

1.       CAAS Air Traffic Controllers

Yes! You are right, a traffic controller. It’s just working in as simple as sitting and monitoring the landing of airplanes. Basically, there are paid equivalent to the work they have rendered. Whether you are a trainee of not, you still get paid for your services.

2.       Emcees

They host an event. They are on call talents which need to be contacted when an event will happen. Hosts are paid individuals for their 3-hour service in every event for at least $800.


3.       Illustrators

They are people who make something which are related to arts and crafts. Illustrators make unattractive possessions appear appealing such as plain walls and more. Typically, they are paid $1500-$3000 for every illustration they make. However, it will depend on how many projects he will do for the day. If you are a known illustrators, you can be paid up to $5000 per month.

Fortunately, you don’t need a degree to achieve this job. However, it is also important to have a degree because most of the employers search for degree-holders.