Benefits of Lemon Water  


We drink different things all throughout the day. We do not realize that some drinks do more harm than good. It is important that we know what to drink and what to avoid for optimum health. In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of drinking lemon water every morning. It is time for lemon waters to be introduced.


Not all Singaporeans drink lemon water every morning maybe because we do not know its benefits. We have to know its benefits so we can start using it for our optimum health. Here are the benefits drinking lemon water every morning:

  • It can aid in digestion: Lemons are simple looking but we should never underestimate the things that it can do. Lemon juice has the power to flush out unwanted toxins and materials from our body. Researchers say that the composition of lemon juice is akin to our saliva and hydrochloric acid. Lemons can encourage our liver to produce bile which can aid in digestion. It does not end there because lemons contain vitamins and minerals that help release ama (toxins in the digestive tract). Lemon can help get rid of indigestion symptoms like bloating, heartburn and belching.
  • It can cleanse our system: It was mentioned earlier that lemons has the power to flush out unwanted toxins from our body by serving as a diuretic. Lemons can increase our urination rate thereby flushing toxins at a faster rate. This will keep our urinary tract healthy.


  • It can boost our immune system: Lemons are famous for its vitamin C contents. Vitamin C helps us fight colds. Aside from that, lemons are also filled with potassium that can stimulate nerve and brain function.
  • It can balance pH levels: Diseases happen when the body is acidic. Sure, lemons are acidic but when they are inside our bodies, they are like alkaline. Since lemons contain ascorbic and citric acid, they help metabolize the body by permitting its mineral content to alkalize our blood. Drinking lemon water frequently can help eliminate overall acidity.
  • It can clear skin: We all want a smooth and glowing skin. Fortunately, we do not need to visit our dermatologist all the time because lemon water can do the trick. The vitamin C of lemons can act as antioxidants which help in decreasing blemishes and wrinkles.
  • It can freshen our breath: Drinking lemon water can freshen our breath. Aside from that, it can also relieve gingivitis and tooth pain. We should be aware that the citric acid has the power to erode our tooth enamel too. It is better to brush our teeth first before drinking the lemon water.


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