Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water for Athletes

Athletes require higher amounts of water since, because of being in constant motion, they perspire much more and therefore easily lose the water in their body. In Singapore, in order for athletes to prevent dehydration, they need to be able to replenish their bodies with sufficient amount of water during and after extreme physical activities. However, sometimes plain water is not enough – to retain their vigor, they need to drink water with a higher alkaline level or alkaline water Singapore. The following are reasons why.

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Hydrating Power

Professional athletes notice that alkaline water hydrates better than the usual water. It shows that athletes who drink alkaline water experience a great increase in hydration at cellular level. This is due to the fact that healthy alkaline water from Singapore that has a smaller molecular structure that allows cells to quickly absorb its nutrients. Dotsie Bausch, a professional athlete in the field of cycling, testified that she has been drinking alkaline water and her hydration saturation test revealed positive results to her health.

Performance-Enhancing Ability

Alkaline water gives more energy to professional athletes especially during intense sports activities. Since alkaline water hydrates fast, the positive effect of it is obvious in the improvement of an athlete’s performance. As a matter of fact, alkaline water Singapore can replace energy drinks. Obafemi Ayanbadejo, an American professional football player, said that alkaline water gave him more energy thus allowing him to endure tough games.


Prevents Muscle Pains

During tough games, athletes may experience muscle pains. This is explained that when muscles work, acids and carbon dioxide are produced resulting to a drop in pH level. Thus, the body becomes acidic and more prone to muscle fatigue. Drinking alkaline water is the fastest way to restore the right acid-alkaline balance or pH balance of the body. Rehydrating with this kind of water helps the body neutralize extra acids. Kirk Bausch, a professional cyclist, testified that drinking alkaline water has dramatically reduced muscle cramps that he used to have during long races.

Speeds up Recovery

After intense games and workouts, professional athletes experience post-game and post-workout fatigue. Drinking alkaline water Singapore aids in reducing soreness in the muscles that athletes may have. Since alkaline water has smaller water clusters, it easily recharges every cell in the body. Derek Leon Lee, a professional baseball player, said that drinking alkaline water helps him recover faster after intense games and workouts. Having been using alkaline water, he noticed that his recovery time is shorter.

Counteracts Arthritis

Many athletes in Singapore experience pain in the joints over time. Alkaline water helps prevent and cure arthritis, which is some of the reasons that affect an athlete’s performance. Joel Purma, a professional football player, said that he has been drinking alkaline water to cure arthritis particularly in his knees and ankles.


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