Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer

The objective of a wedding photographer is to give the bride and groom their dream wedding no matter how unconventional their ideas might be. There are many wedding photographers here in Singapore but if you are good at it, your name will surely top the list. When you are a Singapore wedding photographer, you know how things work and you have a system so things will go according to plan.


That is for professional wedding photographers who have had years of experience in their field. But they were beginner once. So think of this when you are having a hard time establishing. If you are still just beginning at wedding planning, you should double your efforts because Singapore is actually having more and more wedding photographers.

Your name should supersede other planners in town. Of course, you need to start low and humble. You should be willing to learn so that you too can be a great wedding photography professional one day. But as a beginner, how can you make the “dream wedding” come true? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are planning a wedding:

1. Start with small projects

Since you are still starting in the field of wedding photography in Singapore work on small events first, even those outside of weddings. By small projects it means helping out at your cousin or sister’s Singapore wedding. You should take any chance you get because you will learn in the way. If it means you have to offer your services for free, then do it. Do not think about the cost; just think of the things you will learn.


2. Discuss things with the couple

After volunteering or offering your services for a small price (or even free), you should sit and discuss things with the couple. List down all the things that they want and envisioned for their wedding. You can also share some ideas. If you settled everything from the date to the venue and the budget, you should get going.

3. Create a timeline/checklist

Now that you have the basic information, the next thing that you should do is sit for a while and think about your timeline and checklist. Timeline is important for organizing the schedule of events related to the Singapore wedding. You should fit everything on your schedule, especially the meeting with your clients, the inspection of the wedding venues, the actual shooting, and the production of the wedding album.

In wedding photography, it is important that you maintain a timetable or schedule so that you always know which shots you should take and when you should take it. If you are done with something, do not forget to check or cross it out. If there are schedules like ocular inspections and gown fittings, make sure to remind the couple so that they don’t miss it.


4. Think about the documentation

You should consider how the wedding will be recorder and preserved. Of course, the couple would want to relive their wedding moments so it is important that you get reliable wedding photography and videography services. There are many Singapore photographers that can take care of the pictures, you only need to ask. Make sure that the photographer is good at taking shots.

5. Be positive and enjoy the process

You should think that the wedding will be successful. Do not entertain negative thoughts because it will surely happen. Just enjoy the process. If there are problems and issues, just calmly take care of it and proceed with the next tasks.

Good luck on the wedding and break a leg! It will be successful if you prepared well.

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