7 Positive Traits of Parents With Successful Kids


Any parent would want their children to do well in school, stay out of trouble, and do the best things in the professional world. While there is no fix recipe for raising successful kids, studies pointed out a handful of factors that could ensure your child’s successful future.


1. Quality Time Over Quantity Time – It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to the time spent with the kids. A one or two hours of playing and having fun with your children is much more beneficial than a whole day of simply supervising them because you feel tired and stressed out to actually play with them.

2. High Expectations – When parents set expectations, children then follow suit. Children always want their parents’ approval, so they strive hard to meet their expectations.

3. Higher Socioeconomic Status – While this is often out of the parents’ control, children from families in higher socioeconomic status is said to be a huge predictor of how a child will do in the future. Not surprisingly though, fewer kids from less-fortunate families are able to go to college.


4. Sensitive to Child’s Needs – Kids who receive intensive care in their first three years do better in school and have healthier relationships with friends and colleagues in the future, according to researches. This simply suggests that investment during early child-parent relationships can result to long-term returns in an individual’s life.

5. Provide Early Academic Skills – Providing a chance for your child to learn math at an earlier age makes it more likely that he will do well in school. Learning the most basic math lessons predicts a better future not just for your child’s math achievement, but also his reading achievement.

6. Higher Educational Attainment – If you finished high school and college, your child is more likely to as well. Aspiration is somehow said to be partially responsible because kids always look up to their parents.

7. Teaching Advanced Mindset – It is all about valuing and recognizing your child’s effort over his natural intelligence. At an early age, teach your child the principle of working hard in order to get far. Teach your little one that there’s no limit to what he can possibly achieve if he dedicates 100% of his effort.

Taking good care of our children to ensure they become good persons can already be challenging, but making sure they would be successful professionals in the future is much more daunting. By knowing these traits, parents should now know how they can help prosper their child’s knowledge and talents to become among the world’s most victorious individuals.


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