6 Bonding Activities for Dads and Daughters  

While fathers surely love all their children, it seems that dads spend more time with their sons than they do with their daughters. However, with a bit of understanding, father-daughter bonding can be as fun as that of fathers-and-sons’. To help build a better father and daughter relationship, we’ve come up with bonding ideas that you can enjoy.


1. Go Skating: There’s nothing more adorable than a father and daughter on the streets, skating hand-in-hand. Enjoy the view outdoors while rollerblading or have fun in a cooler environment while skating on the ice at Kallang Leisure Park, Marina Bay Sands, or The Rink at JCube.

2. Walk Along the Beach: Catch up with your little girl by walking her along the beach. Spend some time together and share stories while collecting sea shells for you to play with when you get home.

3. Go Fishing: Fishing isn’t only for dads and sons. Little girls can also love an afternoon on the lake together with their dads. Just make sure to bring with you something to eat or a little picnic basket just in case it takes too long for the fish to take the bait.


4. Explore the Kitchen: Kitchens aren’t only for moms—they’re for dads, too. Whether it’s just a simple hotdog on stick or yummy homemade cupcakes, whipping delicious treats is a fun activity for any parent and their children. Maybe, you can have mom join the fun and let her be the judge for the finished product.

5. Fuel Up Together: If you take your little girl to school before heading to work, take her out for a delish breakfast first. He won’t surely mind getting up a bit earlier if it’s for a great breakfast with her superman.

6. Create a Book: Why buy a book if you can create your own? Team up with your daughter to make a book with fun short stories and cute illustrations that you can enjoy reading at bedtime.

Surely, there are more than six ways you can do to bond with your little girl. Hopefully, what we have suggested will help you and all the fathers out there to strengthen and nurture the bond you share with your daughter.120884699_homework_389347c

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