5 Ways to Spruce Your Marriage


The dating stage is the most fun part of a relationship. When you’ve just started dating someone, you feel giddy and excited to be together. Fast forward that relationship to being married, with three kids, a house and bills to pay, it’s quite difficult to feel giddy and carefree with your partner again.


However, that doesn’t mean you don’t love your spouse. It simply means that you have focused more on others and your responsibilities as parents and responsible adults that you have forgotten to have those feelings again. Luckily, you can rekindle the fire you once had in the early days of your relationship with these ideas.

  1. Laugh It Up

An out-of-the-country vacation is nice, but is quite expensive. All it really takes to feel more connected with your partner is a good belly laugh. It’s a proven fact that laughter releases endorphins—the ‘feel good’ hormones—that help us bond with each other. So quit stressing about that expensive Caribbean cruise you can’t afford; instead, schedule your Friday nights for fun movies you can watch at home.

  1. Listen

When your partner starts sharing about something troublesome, try to avoid offering ‘helpful’ advices (e.g. “Just talk to your boss about why you can’t do it.”). Instead, offer open-minded and empathetic responses (e.g. “That’s hard. I know how much your work means to you.”) Quick-fix suggestions feel unconcerned, while empathetic responses make your significant other feel that you understand him, which helps build trust.

  1. Write Love Notes and Texts

Remember the time when you first dated and how much you talk about missing each other every single day? Well, a great way to feel the butterflies in your stomach again is to bring back those love messages. Send your spouse thoughtful texts to remind him to eat his lunch, how much you love and miss him and that you’re thinking about him, or leave little notes in his bag or suitcase that he’ll surprisingly find later in the day.


  1. Talk Dirty

Hearing erotic words stimulates dopamine, which plays a huge part in sexual excitement. Talking dirty can enhance the physical and emotional intensity of making love. If you feel shy, silly or self-conscious, remember the easy formula to talking dirty: Tell them what you’re doing, what you will do and what you did.

  1. Kiss Longer

If it isn’t part of your everyday routine, start making it a habit to give each other lingering, passionate kisses before leaving for work and when you arrive home. Long, soulful kisses trigger endorphins, melting away stress, and contribute to a loving and fulfilling relationship. Try doing it every single day for a week, and see how much happier you are with each other’s presence.

Married life is, indeed, full of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to set aside your feelings and your spouse. There are so many little ways you can do every day to keep the fire burning in your marriage.


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