5 Steps to Speed-Up Your Beauty Routine  

We’ve all had our fair share of moments where our beauty routine was cut short, resulting to a look that we aren’t really going for. Still, being short of time doesn’t mean that we should skip out several steps in our routine. Instead, speed up your beauty routine using these five easy and simple steps.


  1. Organize Your Beauty Products

Having your beauty products scattered all over your dresser makes it a guessing game for you every time you need to get ready. Avoid wasting your precious time by simply keeping your things organized, and you’ll be amazed at how quicker your beauty routine will be and how smoother it will go.

  1. Multitask In Your Routine

Doing some of your routines at the same is also a great way to speed things up. Let your hair dry while you apply some makeup, shave your legs while waiting for you conditioner to sink in. These are just some tricks on how you can fast forward things and still get the look that you want.

  1. Use Dual or Multipurpose Products

Since you’re planning to speed everything up, then why not opt for a multipurpose beauty product. A cheek and lip tint is a good example because it’s one product that can be used in two different parts of the face. Another great multipurpose product is the BB or CC cream, which moisturizes the skin, preps it and provides a good coverage at the same time.polls_apply_make_up_0813_686809_poll_xlarge

  1. Go For Longer-Lasting Effects

Opting for things that offer longer-lasting effect is another trick to fast forward your beauty routine. If you find yourself struggling with your hair every day, then go and get yourself a good haircut that’s very easy to style. For the tiring daily application of fake falsies, or coats of mascara, consider getting a lash extensions. This way, things will always be good to go even with just how they are.

  1. Create A Go-To Look

Although trying out new looks can be fun, it’s still important to have a particular look that you can count on when you’re pressed of time. Come up with a simple look that you’re comfortable with and can bring out your natural beauty. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do even if you’re in a rush.

Speeding up your beauty routine is the best way for you to get the look that you want to pull off even when you don’t have the luxury of time. Practice the aforementioned steps and see how beautifying your self will go smoothly and quickly.


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