4 Things to Consider to Become a Better Beauty Shopper  

Shopping for beauty items that perfectly fits your budget, personality and needs is a skill usually sharpened over time. Luckily, there are other ways for you to become a better and wiser beauty shopper than emptying your back account. Aside from chatting with your friends, reading some reviews, and studying the prices of each product, there are several steps that you can incorporate in your shopping routine to ensure that you’ll score the best product fit for your needs.


  1. Read some expert or blog reviews about the product. You’ve seen a commercial promoting a new beauty product and it seems like the solution to all of your beauty problems, right? If so, we suggest that you do some research and read several reviews first before you decide ordering it in bulk. Look through websites and forums to read some discussions about the newest beauty products out in the market, and see if the item really targets your concerns.


  1. Know the shelf-life of the product. Another important thing to look into is the product’s shelf-life. This will help you become a better beauty shopper because you’ll be able to create an estimate as to how much of the product you’ll be able to use before it expires. Moreover, this will also prevent you from wasting your hard-earned cash by throwing the remains of the product that you failed to use. So step back and analyse your habits first before your decide on making a purchase.


  1. Study the prices of different brands. Some beauty items are usually sold straight out of the brand’s website, and in department stores, and are often priced competitively. Once you hear about a new product in the market, be wise enough to check on the brand’s website or check on actual stores like Ulta and Sephora to get the best price before purchasing the item.


  1. Test out the product. After reading some reviews, take the extra step of personally testing out the product to ensure that you’ll get the total product satisfaction that you’re looking for. Don’t immediately cross out the product just because one person disliked it. Remember that all of us have different hair and skin need, and not all cosmetic colour is flattering for everyone in exact same way.

Cosmetic stores like Kohl, Sephora and Ulta have disposable tools that you can use to test the product on yourself. Department stores, on the other hand, have makeup artists that can give you a mini-makeover to show you how the product really works.


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