4 Decor Ideas for Small Bedroom Spaces


How can you possibly turn your small bedroom into a functional space that contains all of your personal things, plus a bed, bedside table, TV, a big closet, and perhaps a couch? Don’t worry even if you have limited space. The trick lies in the furnishings you choose and keeping most of the space clean and clutter-free.


  1. Choose the Right Curtains

You might need darker drapes to cover the sunlight, but you also need light-coloured curtains to make a small space look bigger. To hit two birds in one stone, layer your curtains. Use dark-coloured drape underneath a light-coloured one that faces the room. Preferably in the same colour of your wall, the curtain will blend in and give an impression of larger space while at the same time blocking the bright sunlight from streaming into your room.

  1. Go Minimal

Limited spaces require less stuff to give it a free-flowing feel, so make sure you decorate minimally but tastefully. Keep the room clean and clutter-free, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have your walls free from hanged decors. Paint your walls in cream shade and hang some of the work of your favourite artists. Find your own style while considering the balance between decorative pieces and art.


  1. Opt for Multi-Functional Furnishings

For smaller bedrooms, invest in a bed that has built-in storage underneath to take care of your room’s storage and keep it clutter-free. If you want to add an interesting element, then add bedside tables and/or nightstands, which will not only provide you with lamps for night time reading, but also provide additional storage for your knick-knacks, books, and other decorative trinkets. Consider them as bedroom pieces for flaunting your personality.

  1. Play With Reflections

Install a floor-length mirror in one of your walls to open up a small space. The mirror creates an illusion of extended space by reflecting what’s already there. Another technique to use mirrors is to place them across the best angle of the room. If you face an amazing outdoor view, place the mirror across the view to reflect the pleasant sight and allow you to see it from multiple angles.

If you want to double the size of your room instantly, without spending a fortune for major renovation, redecorate your bedroom and have these tips in mind. It will not only make your room look bigger, but also unique and stylish.


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