Understanding Some English Idioms

The American English language is rich and immense. Its richness and immensity can be baffling sometimes because there are over a million words with different meanings and spellings. We don’t have to memorize or get acquainted with a million words right away because as we go through with our lives, we will encounter them one by one and eventually understand their meaning and use. We should remember that it is important to catch up since English is our universal language.

In this particular article, we will discuss famous idioms so that when we hear it, we will understand what native or non-native speakers mean.

At the drop of a hatThis phrase means to do something immediately without any hesitations and questions.

A penny for your thoughts If you hear this, it means the person is asking you what you are thinking in that particular moment.

Add insult to injury – This phrase usually bears negative effect. When this is said, it means the person is making things worse.

Once in a blue moon – This is often used when something rarely happens.

Kill two birds with one stone – We often hear this phrase when we do two things at a time.

Bite the bullet – This phrase refers to people who face up difficulty. To bite the bullet means to endure a painful situation, bravely.

Apple of one’s eye – Apple of one’s eye means that a specific person is precious, loved and favoured.

Barking up the wrong tree – Barking up the wrong tree is used when someone is following a false trail and pursuing the wrong thing.

Beat about the bush – This phrase means approaching something vague. If you are told this, it means you should get things straight and answer questions directly.

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