Top 8 Western Conference Teams in the NBA


Last season’s NBA, the world’s most popular basketball league in the world, was as exciting as ever. We saw a rookie coach win the NBA Championship for a Golden State Warriors team for the first time since 1975. Different players and teams have also made major improvements while the same old names continued to excite and dazzle basketball fans around the world. As the NBA looks to enter a whole new season, we ranked the eight best teams for the Western Conference.


  1. Los Angeles Lakers

This is a sentimental pick. The Lakers won in the draft last seasons and picked a young and talented point guard in D’Angelo Russell to be paired up with another young guard Jordan Clarkson. The returning Julius Randle would also help a lackluster Laker frontcourt. They have added good players like Lou Williams and Roy Hibbert. Best of all, expect Kobe Bryant to try to go down swinging in what could possibly be his final year.


  1. New Orleans Pelicans

This team made it into the playoffs on a last game effort by beating the Spurs. They also made a good showing against the eventual champions in the first round. The continuing growth of Anthony Davis together with a young core of players will keep this team in the playoffs in the highly competitive Western Conference.


  1. Memphis Grizzlies

The toughest defense in the West, these Grizzlies are the very definition of grit and grind. They will still go into the season with their frontcourt of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph and will still be led at point by a much-improved Mike Conley. However, the lack of a go-to-scorer is what will hurt this team in the long run.


  1. Los Angeles Clippers

The “other” LA team is trying to shed that reputation, as the Clippers have been strong Western Conference contenders. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will still lead them together with guys like JJ Redick and Deandre Jordan. The addition of Paul Pierce adds another layer of scoring and leadership for Coach Doc Rivers.


  1. Houston Rockets

Last year’s Western runners-up, the Rockets will look to bounce back and make a return to the conference finals with Pat Beverly and Dwight Howard all healthy. The MVP runner-up James Harden will also continue to be in the MVP conversation as he is still a young player with lots of room to improve.


  1. Oklahoma City Thunder

They failed to make the playoffs last season due to injuries. But, at full health, this is the scariest team in the West with the likes of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook causing nightmares for any kind of team in the NBA. They have also added solid players last season like Dion Waiters, Enes Kanter, and DJ Augustin. Defensively, they are also a team to reckon with because of shot-blocking maestro Serge Ibaka and a much improved Steven Adams.


  1. San Antonio Spurs

This team full of “old” guys is a constant threat for the NBA title. Popovich has installed a system into this team that would make second round picks into instant offensive threats. They still retain a good veteran big three of Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker, who have all been together for more than a decade and have all defied their ages. They are now looking to be led by Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard, Best of all, the won the Lamarcus Aldridge lottery in the offseason and now adds more scoring weapons for an already dangerous Spurs team.


  1. Golden State Warriors

Coming off a 67-15 record and a historical championship run, the Warriors are still the best team in the West and possibly the whole NBA. Steve Kerr has implemented a system in this team that incorporates sharing the ball from the first man all the way to the 12th guy in the bench. Reigning MVP Stephen Curry together with splash brother Klay Thompson will still look to rain three pointers all day long. Moreover, they still retain the services of role players and defensive gems like Finals MVP Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bogut, Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes.


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