Tips on How to Deal with Sweaty Palms

Imagine when you are about to extend your hand to congratulate someone but you stopped midair because you realized you have sweaty palms or when you are on a romantic date but you dare not touch your partner because it might turn them off. People suffering from palmer hyperhidrosis or commonly called sweaty palms think that it is embarrassing. It is normal to sweat because it is the body’s way of regulating temperature but there are people that sweat excessively. The main cause for this is the brain’s misinterpretation of how much sweat it should produce.

If you have this condition, fret no more because there are things that you can do to minimize if not totally eliminate the sweatiness of your palms. Here are a few tips:


Natural remedies

Natural remedies include nat mur, lupulus and syphilinum. Nat mur is a homeopathic remedy obtained from sodium chloride. It can effectively lessen extreme sweating and dampness. Lupulus on the other hand lessen sweating especially if it is associated with panic, anxiety and nervousness. Lastly, syphilinum controls the body’s fluid levels and odour.


Being vigilant means being alert or giving attention to the sweatiness. If you feel that your palms are clammy, you should do something to dry it up even if it sounds a lot of work. For example, you can choose to wash your palms with cold water and soap every after 10 or 20 minutes. You can also swing your hands so palms will dry. In fact you can subtly wipe your palms in your pants or shirt but if you want, you can bring a cloth or a handkerchief.

More importantly, don’t be embarrassed about it.

Stay calm

If you stay calm and avoid nervousness, you can control the sweating.

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