The Consumer Electronics Show 2014


If you are into coolest gadgets, Consumer Electronics Show (CED) should never be missed. But if you let it pass, there is nothing to worry because there’s still next year. CES was scheduled from January 7 to 10, 2014. It was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many people came to this event because it featured cutting edge innovations and technologies. CES is by far the biggest event of its kind.

If you missed the recently concluded CES, do not worry because you will still know what innovations and technologies made waves. Here are some innovations and technologies that made waves:



Printers are functional. It can be used in your home and in the office. CES featured ChefJet that have the capacity to produce sweets. That is something new, right? 3D Systems utilized CES to expose ChefJet. According to reports, there will be 2 models – standard ChefJet and ChefJet Pro. These printers can be used to print sweets, sugary sweets and other pastries with flavours like watermelon, chocolate, cherry, vanilla, mint and sour apple.

Curved TVs

You should know that flat televisions are out-dated. Manufacturers are thinking about curved TVs now. Curved screens will enable a different viewing experience. LG’s TV stood out. Its 77 inches screen lets you switch its curvature feature using the remote control.

Appliance voice commands

Communicating with your appliance is possible now. LG designed and developed Home Chat which will allow consumers to control kitchen appliances by using their voice. For example, you can talk to your fridge when you want to ask about your supplies. You can even text your fridge when you go grocery shopping.


Spying will be easy with China’s Phantom 2 Vision system. The drone can give its customers satisfaction especially when it comes to aerial spying. The drone features 4 rotors with 14 megapixel camera that can video or shoot. The video can be stored through your iPhone or Android phone. It can also be streamed live if you choose to.

Smart toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are prevalent these days but in truth, it is out-dated. You have to welcome Kolibree. Kolibree is a smart toothbrush that effectively analyses the brushing habits of the users. The results will then be displayed on a Smartphone application. The price of this smart toothbrush is $99.

These are just some of the things showcased in the CES.  You can expect these innovations and technologies to be available in the market soon. But there are others that are available in the market now. If you are really interested, you should look out for the launching or releasing date.



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