Special Skills in Handling Crises

November 9 was the Emergency Preparedness Day. The day was filled with a lot of activities which was joined by more or less eight hundred residents. The residents were taught how to handle crises. No matter how prepared the government is, at the end of the day you are on your own so it is beneficial if you know survival tips and special skills when it comes to handling crises. This will increase your chances of surviving any disaster. The skills training (like extinguishing a fire or employing CPR), were held at Jalan Kayu Emergency.


Together with the training, survival kits were also introduced. The survival kits store a checklist that can give residents ideas on the skills, equipments and numbers they need should they encounter emergency situations. That is a big help. Here are some points that you have to consider:

1. Be calm

Experts always remind to be calm and composed. If you panic, your judgment will be clouded and making rash decisions will only make things worse.

2. Make sure other family members are briefed

If you joined a disaster briefing or orientation seminar, you have the responsibility to spread awareness not only in the family but the people around you. Take time to brief your family members or other people so they will know what to do and where to go in case something happens.


3. Learn how to turn off utilities

Whether it is earthquake or typhoon, you have to make sure that your utilities are turned off to avoid more devastation. Ask other people or experts how to properly turn off your utilities like water, electric and many more.

4. Know your workplace disaster plan

What if a disaster occurs inside the workplace? If you know your workplace’s disaster plan, you can survive but if not, you will surely have troubles finding your way out. Take time to know your workplace disaster plan. It will surely make a difference.

The list will go on. The important thing is you know the basics. Further details will follow. When disaster strikes, you have to remember all your preparations so it will not be in vain.

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