Significant Celebrations in Singapore

While Singapore is a highly-urbanized country, many neighboring countries in South East Asia applaud for showing its culture uniquely. This is through celebration of different festivals and significant events.


Since Singapore is a country for the well-known Merlion (a half-fish, half-lion creature) and joyous festivals, a lot of tourists are attracted to the place; thus, making the country more popular.

In Singapore, every people become busy when one of their significant events is celebrated. In fact, they give importance to the events they celebrated as it is part of their culture and their growth as a country.

These are the following events that Singapore is happily celebrated:


  • Visit Temple on Vesak Day: Praying and meditating. These are the things that anyone should do in celebrating this festival. It is celebrated every May wherein monks celebrate the festival for Lord Buddha.
  • Lantern Festival: You can see the heart of Lantern festival once you visit Chinatown. Here, many lion dance performances are seen and there are a lot of lantern in every bridges and temples located near the vicinity.
  • Hari Raya: This event is usually arranged at the Sultan Mosque and Arab Street during the month of August and September.  In this celebration, you can take pleasure in eating some Muslim foods.
  • National Day: The National Day in Singapore is celebrated on every August 9. Usually, it is celebrated with great respect along with beautiful fireworks. Also military marches are performed during the celebration.

Because Singapore is very dedicated in celebrating significant events, a lot of tourists are attracted with it and they actually love it. In fact, celebrations in Singapore compared to other nations are more festive and is given much importance.


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