Places We Forget to Clean  


Our home is a reflection of who we are. If we are very messy, it will not be a surprise that our homes are messy too. If we are neat, our homes are likely neat too. Sometimes cleaning is difficult if we have many things to do but regardless of the schedule, we have to allot few minutes to clean our homes.


There are Singaporeans who clean their homes but forget other parts. It is important that we identify parts that we often ignore but still needs our attention every now and then. Here are the places we forget to clean:

  • Kitchen: Yes, we wash dishes, sweep and mop the floors but what of other parts? For instance, do we stop and consider our range vents? How about the gas burners and dishwasher? We should also not forget our cabinets as it can house pests not good for our health.
  • Office: We think everything is clean by simply wiping our tables and lampshades. It is important that we give attention to our computers as they can house thousands of bacteria and germ – especially in our keyboards. There are many cleaning agents here in Singapore that can help us with our computers.


  • Living room: When cleaning the living room, we have to include our remote, sofa and fans. Our remote, like keyboards can house thousands of harmful germs and bacteria. The fans with accumulated dirt can damage the motor or the blades and more importantly, the sofas should be vacuumed and cleaned as mites, bacteria and germs tend to settle there. Oh, do not forget the carpet.
  • Bedroom: How good it feels to sleep when our bedcovers and pillowcases are new, right? It is crucial that we clean our mattresses and pillow not just replace its covers. Our mattresses and pillow can also house mites that can cause itch.


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