10 Swear Words You Probably Never Heard of

Humans have many talents but one that stayed all throughout the ages is the art of insult. It can’t be denied that swearing has been existent in the human civilization and developed by inventions of the human tongue. It has become complicated, upfront and funny that some retorts can only be relatable to a specific group. In a post from mothership.sg, when plain English words can’t express frustrations, Singlish expressions can be of use so as not to resort to vulgarity. Back to this millennial age, insults now a days are quite crude, limited and don’t give off a poetic vibe with a brush of subtleness as they once did in the good old days.

These medieval swearing, appearing with a charming sound may be an interesting thing to know in this modern age but probably would not work that well in a modern era:

1. Zounderkite
This is a Victorian era word that means “idiot.” An appropriate example spoken with some annoyance while arguing: “That zounderkite just ruined our report!”

2. Fopdoodle
A fopdoodle simply means someone of little importance or a simpleton. So if someone is making opinions to let you down, remember they are just a fopdoodle. Move on.

3. Gnashnab
This is a Northern English term used in the 18th century that’s meant to describe someone who complains all the time. It just goes to show that before and now, nobody wants a gnashnab.

4. Gobermouch
Gobermouch is an Irish term that describes someone who is fond of meddling with other people’s business or whereabouts. Some people just want to be low-key and that’s not something a gobermouch understands.

5. Snoutband
This means someone who never fails to interrupt a discussion or conversation aimed at contradicting the person talking. We all know a snoutband who believes they know everything and they probably don’t know the meaning of this word until now though.

6. Stampcrab
Stampcrab is used to describe someone’s clumsiness and heaviness of foot.

7. Fustilarian
This is one of Shakespear’s word inventions in Henry IV. Fustilarian means someone who is a time-waster or wastes valuable time on insignificant things. So, if you’re running a deadline, make sure you don’t act like a fustilarian!

8. Gillie-wet-foot
A Gillie-wet-foot is meant to describe a swindler or a person who is indebted and flees away. Be careful not to lend money to a gillie-wet-foot!

9. Klazomaniac
Klazomaniac is for someone who can only speak through shouting. I don’t think anyone wants to have a klazomaniac around.

10. Loiter-sack
This is a term coined in 17th century for an idle, lazy, slack person. Clearly, someone who spends all day in bed is a loiter-sack!

5 Things Men Should Quit Doing by 30

There’s quite a lot of immature stuff society will give you a pass on when you’re on your 20s, but most of these things get depressing and downright stupid as you march towards your 30s. We expect people to improve themselves as they get older, especially men since the possibility of having kids and a family comes to picture.

With that in mind, here’s a list of five habits every man needs to break once they reach 30.

1. Getting Into Online Arguments

By the time you’re 30, you should have better things to do with your time than get into fights in the comments section of a forum or a Facebook post. If you have that much time to waste in the internet, you must be unemployed.

2. Keeping All Your Money in One Place

Ideally, by the time you’re 30, you should be making more money than ever and you must not be keeping all your savings in a regular savings account. During this time you should know how to make your money work for you, such as by putting it in a retirement plan as well as broadening our investment portfolio.

3. Constantly Playing Video Games

Video and mobile games are spending so much and making every effort to branch out to different consumers. Although no one is going to look down on you for playing some game on your iPhone while sitting on a bus, slouching in front of your computer for 48 hours because you have to reach a specific EXP point to level up, something is wrong.

4. Binge Drinking

We don’t mean to stop drinking any and all kinds of liquor. It’s actually healthy to drink in moderation, and in fact, you may need to when you’re out with your bosses and colleagues. You’re a grown man now, there’s no need to show off how macho you are with booze. If you want to drink, just drink—no need to get drunk.

5. Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Rich men are rich because they are considerate enough to invest or save their money. Wealth is something we need to work hard at, even if it means living in poverty today for a better and brighter tomorrow. If being wealthy isn’t motivating you, just consider the emergencies that might need you to have some extra cash on hand. What if you get into an accident? Do you have enough cash to send yourself to the hospital or have your car repaired?

Being in your 30s does not mean you’re over the hill; in fact, your life has just begun. However, it’s expected from us to be more responsible with our actions and make better decisions in life.

Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Eating Kimchi

For years, Koreans clung to the belief that kimchi – a spicy, fermented cabbage – has mystical properties that aid in warding off diseases. But what was once considered as an old wives’ tale now became a subject of serious research for scientists not only in Singapore but all over the world. To help you get an idea about the “mystical properties” they’re talking about, we listed down some of the surprising beauty and health benefits that eating kimchi can bring.

1. Promotes Good Digestion

Since it’s fermented, kimchi is loaded with healthy bacteria known as lactobacilli, which helps in promoting good digestion. Another amazing result of the cabbage’s fermentation process is the development of probiotics, also helps in fighting off infections in your body.

2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

If you’re suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure, then the more reason to eat this touted Korean side dish. The garlic found in kimchi contains selenium and allicin – both of which helps in reducing the cholesterol reverses of the body. These substances also help in preventing plaque build-up in the artery walls, thus lowering your chances of experiencing cardiovascular diseases.

3. Prevents Peptic Ulcer Recurrence

Peptic ulcer is often caused by Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria commonly found in the stomach – and there’s no better way to keep this illness from recurring than eating a good amount of kimchi. The fermented cabbage contains leuconostoc mensenteroides that produces dextrin, a substance that halts the growth of H. pylori in your body.

4. Improves Overall Appearance

Not only does it improve your health, eating kimchi also helps in enhancing your overall appearance. The selenium found in the fermented cabbage is what keeps your hair and skin healthy, and prevents wrinkles from showing early on. Aside from that, selenium is also considered as a relevant part of glutathione – a booster that reconstitutes and preserves vitamin C, a crucial element for boosting the body’s immune system.

5. Slows Down the Aging Process

Ever wondered why most Koreans look younger than their age? Well, the secret to that is eating kimchi. After being fermented for two weeks, kimchi becomes loaded with antioxidants that help decrease the rate of skin aging. It also prevents cell oxidation, making you appear more relaxed even if you’re going through a lot of stress.

Aside from being an excellent side dish to your favourite Korean barbecue, these benefits are another reason for you to try and enjoy this famous Korean household dish. So head out to your favourite Korean restaurants and specialty stores now, and get yourself some good kimchi.

How to Combat Laziness

Some days you just don’t feel motivated to do anything. And it’s not like you’re depressed even, but you just want to sit on your butt and do nothing.

There are things you can do to combat laziness, so read on… if you feel like it.

What’s causing it?

Think about what’s making you lethargic. You must have had a stressful day at the office or maybe there is a task you’re supposed to complete but you don’t know how to begin. Maybe you don’t see the point of taking action at all. Identify the root of the problem, then come up with a solution.

Where is your motivation?

Maybe you loved your job the first few months, but then your boss is demanding more from you everyday. If you feel that your job sucks, think about why you wanted it in the first place. Look at the things that make it enjoyable (besides the salary).

Is it something else?

Lack of motivation could be a sign of another condition. Maybe it’s time to get a check-up. If it’s stress, you shouldn’t ignore it either. Being mentally, emotionally and physically healthy will help you cope better with challenges in life.

Can’t take the pressure?

Sometimes we’re given a challenge that we don’t want. If a project at school seems too daunting, break it up into smaller, easier tasks. If you need to finish a report for work, don’t do everything in one sitting. A few short breaks will help keep you focused.

Maybe you need a push?

You can’t avoid everything unpleasant in life. If you don’t want to complete a task, then slog through it. Push yourself until you’re done and your burden will be lifted. Sometimes a who-cares attitude is better than tormenting yourself about your incompetence.

Perhaps you do need a break?

Take a vacation, try a new hobby or go out with friends. Do something other than what’s causing you to be lazy. But don’t stay on vacation for too long. You need to study or work too. And if you’re too lazy to have fun, start with something simple you can do at home.

Maybe you need to stop having fun?

So maybe you’re too happy with your hobbies and interests that it takes up most of your time. You’re no longer motivated to work, because you ask, what the heck is it for? Well, just think that you need that job to keep having fun. Limit your time watching TV shows for example because if you lose that job, who’s gonna pay the bills?

Why not create a strategy?

Think about your future if you’re always lazy. Keep a list of your goals in life. Then make another list of things you need to do daily. Alternate those tasks with short breaks. If you see that you have a lot of idle time, then list other tasks that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Accessories for Your Gaming Console

To make the most out of your gaming console, invest in good quality accessories besides an extra console or a huge television screen. Here are items that will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Controller Charger

Recharging can be annoying while you play and sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’re preoccupied with a boss fight. You can’t also recharge more than two controllers at a time because of the limited USB port. Buying a controller charger will save you from the hassle of recharging while you play.

Mouse and Keypad

Sometimes first-person shooters and real-time strategy games are better played with a mouse. The reaction time is slightly faster than when you’re using a controller. And if you’re planning to use a mouse, then you might as well buy a keypad for a complete experience.

Wireless Headset or Speakers

When you don’t want to wake up your neighbors with the sound of explosions, there are tons of headsets available for gaming. Pick a wireless headset though because you don’t want to sit too close to the television. There are games however that support surround sound, so you might want to consider speakers to take advantage of it.

External HDD

There are new titles that require a lot of space in your system’s hard drive. Even if your console has a 500 GB hard drive, one day you’ll need more space. That doesn’t even include downloaded games and other files that you might want to save on your console like photos, music and videos. It’s not recommended that you tinker with your internal drive, so getting an external HDD is the best solution.

Racing Wheel

This is recommended for those who spend most of their time playing racing games. Not only does it make you feel like you’re actually driving, but you’ll look really cool too. You won’t need this if you don’t like racing games. Besides, you’d need to sell an arm to afford it. If you’re planning to buy one however, make sure it’s compatible for your console.

Media Remote

A media remote for console works the same way a controller does. If you love watching shows and movies, it’s easier to pause, stop, play, rewind, forward, change the channel, and turn up the volume with a remote. Some remotes can also be used for more than one device including the TV, audio receiver and cable box.


It’s not just for gaming but it can also be used to record videos like you would in a normal video camera. You can also use it as a voice-control remote and it has a facial recognition feature as an alternative to a password for your console.

Arcade Joystick

If you love arcade games, then your poor controller will most likely take a beating. It’s also a good option for those who are used to and are more comfortable at using the joystick instead of the pads.

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Bands

Your wedding ring is the most enduring symbol of your marriage, and the only memento of your wedding that will last for years. Therefore, it is a lifetime investment and the most symbolic purchase you will make for your wedding. Take the time to carefully plan for your wedding ring before going shopping. We’ve put together a ring buying guide to help you choose the right bands that you can live with for the years to come.

1. Get On the Same Page

Your wedding bands could be the only piece of jewellery you will shop for as a couple and wear every day for the rest of your lives, so it would be ideal to make preliminary decisions before hitting the stores. Do you want the ring metals in silver or gold? Do you prefer a simple style or an over-the-top design? Would like the bands to be in pure metal or have gemstones or diamonds in it? Do you want the rings to match or you’re okay with unique bands? Decide on these matters beforehand, so you both know what you’re looking for when you start shopping.

2. Start the Search Early

When you already have an idea in mind of what your wedding ring would look like, it’s time to proceed to the fun part: window shopping and trying on some rings. Give yourself at least two months before the wedding date to shop. You will need enough time to visit every jewellery stores in Singapore city, research for prices and re-visit shops with eye-catching pieces. If you aim for custom-made bands, you will need extra time. Remember, extras like engraving could take up to one month to get done.

3. Take the Time Trying On Different Rings

Perhaps, you love the look of an eternity ring or braided style band, but when you get to the store, try some rings that you find attractive even if they are not in your choices. Talk to the jeweller who makes customised wedding bands in Singapore and listen to their suggestions based on what you like on a ring. Just like shopping for wedding dresses, you may find something you never thought you’d love.

4. Consider Buying the Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands Together

If you want a surprise proposal, this step may not be for you. However, shopping for engagement ring and wedding bands at once will ensure that your wedding ring will go well with the proposal ring. If you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, look for a contour band that’s designed to interlock with its matching ring. On the other hand, if you prefer wearing the wedding band alone, it’s ideal to go for a more intricate design. Discuss with your jeweller about finding or creating a band that works with your engagement ring.

5. Think About Your Lifestyle

What’s the point of buying a wedding band if you can’t wear it most of time or if you have to take it off more often (and increase the possibility of losing it)? Since wedding rings are intended to be worn every day, the goal is to choose a design that seamlessly goes well with your day-to-day activities. If you have an active lifestyle, go to the gym regularly or play sports most days of the week, go for a platinum ring in ‘comfort fit’—rounded edge with less thick metal—and avoid carving and intricate gemstones as dirt easily accumulates in the spaces.

6. Think Long-Term

Although you should not be afraid to go trendy, make sure that the ring style you pick is something you would want to wear for the next 30, 40, or 50 years. Your wedding ring is intended to last through all the events and fashion trends that will come and go through the years, so pick a style that you see yourself wearing for the rest of your life. But you don’t have to stress yourself too much; you can always make some alterations or upgrade in the future to mark a special anniversary.

7. Get the Right Size

Many people rarely remove their wedding rings—they wear them to work, to bed, when taking a shower, at the gym, swimming at the beach, during pregnancies, vacations—all the time when fingers swell and shrink due to heat and cold or weight gain and weight loss. To find the perfect size that will fit your ring finger just right regardless of the body changes that might take place, schedule the ring fitting at the time when your body temperature is normal. This means you should not decide on the ring size in the morning (when the body retains salt from the night before), right after hitting t he gym (fingers are quite swollen due to body heat) or during extremely hot or cold weather (which causes expansion and contraction of the fingers).

8. Check the Quality

This applies not just for wedding bands, but for all rings and jewelleries. For the rings, see the two marks inside the band—the trademark (which proves that the manufacturer stands by their product) and the quality mark (which proves that the quality of the metal is what the seller claims it to be). If your wedding band is made of two or more metals, check that each metal indicates its quality marks. Legitimate jewellery retailers in Singapore should always have this detail engraved in their jewelleries.

No matter what design of wedding rings you go for, finding a pair that pleases you both is the most important thing in this process. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and a day you would want to always remember forever. Find the perfect pair of wedding bands and you will have a forever reminder of the love and commitment you have for each other.

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