Accessories for Your Gaming Console

To make the most out of your gaming console, invest in good quality accessories besides an extra console or a huge television screen. Here are items that will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Controller Charger

Recharging can be annoying while you play and sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’re preoccupied with a boss fight. You can’t also recharge more than two controllers at a time because of the limited USB port. Buying a controller charger will save you from the hassle of recharging while you play.

Mouse and Keypad

Sometimes first-person shooters and real-time strategy games are better played with a mouse. The reaction time is slightly faster than when you’re using a controller. And if you’re planning to use a mouse, then you might as well buy a keypad for a complete experience.

Wireless Headset or Speakers

When you don’t want to wake up your neighbors with the sound of explosions, there are tons of headsets available for gaming. Pick a wireless headset though because you don’t want to sit too close to the television. There are games however that support surround sound, so you might want to consider speakers to take advantage of it.

External HDD

There are new titles that require a lot of space in your system’s hard drive. Even if your console has a 500 GB hard drive, one day you’ll need more space. That doesn’t even include downloaded games and other files that you might want to save on your console like photos, music and videos. It’s not recommended that you tinker with your internal drive, so getting an external HDD is the best solution.

Racing Wheel

This is recommended for those who spend most of their time playing racing games. Not only does it make you feel like you’re actually driving, but you’ll look really cool too. You won’t need this if you don’t like racing games. Besides, you’d need to sell an arm to afford it. If you’re planning to buy one however, make sure it’s compatible for your console.

Media Remote

A media remote for console works the same way a controller does. If you love watching shows and movies, it’s easier to pause, stop, play, rewind, forward, change the channel, and turn up the volume with a remote. Some remotes can also be used for more than one device including the TV, audio receiver and cable box.


It’s not just for gaming but it can also be used to record videos like you would in a normal video camera. You can also use it as a voice-control remote and it has a facial recognition feature as an alternative to a password for your console.

Arcade Joystick

If you love arcade games, then your poor controller will most likely take a beating. It’s also a good option for those who are used to and are more comfortable at using the joystick instead of the pads.

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Bands

Your wedding ring is the most enduring symbol of your marriage, and the only memento of your wedding that will last for years. Therefore, it is a lifetime investment and the most symbolic purchase you will make for your wedding. Take the time to carefully plan for your wedding ring before going shopping. We’ve put together a ring buying guide to help you choose the right bands that you can live with for the years to come.

1. Get On the Same Page

Your wedding bands could be the only piece of jewellery you will shop for as a couple and wear every day for the rest of your lives, so it would be ideal to make preliminary decisions before hitting the stores. Do you want the ring metals in silver or gold? Do you prefer a simple style or an over-the-top design? Would like the bands to be in pure metal or have gemstones or diamonds in it? Do you want the rings to match or you’re okay with unique bands? Decide on these matters beforehand, so you both know what you’re looking for when you start shopping.

2. Start the Search Early

When you already have an idea in mind of what your wedding ring would look like, it’s time to proceed to the fun part: window shopping and trying on some rings. Give yourself at least two months before the wedding date to shop. You will need enough time to visit every jewellery stores in Singapore city, research for prices and re-visit shops with eye-catching pieces. If you aim for custom-made bands, you will need extra time. Remember, extras like engraving could take up to one month to get done.

3. Take the Time Trying On Different Rings

Perhaps, you love the look of an eternity ring or braided style band, but when you get to the store, try some rings that you find attractive even if they are not in your choices. Talk to the jeweller who makes customised wedding bands in Singapore and listen to their suggestions based on what you like on a ring. Just like shopping for wedding dresses, you may find something you never thought you’d love.

4. Consider Buying the Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands Together

If you want a surprise proposal, this step may not be for you. However, shopping for engagement ring and wedding bands at once will ensure that your wedding ring will go well with the proposal ring. If you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, look for a contour band that’s designed to interlock with its matching ring. On the other hand, if you prefer wearing the wedding band alone, it’s ideal to go for a more intricate design. Discuss with your jeweller about finding or creating a band that works with your engagement ring.

5. Think About Your Lifestyle

What’s the point of buying a wedding band if you can’t wear it most of time or if you have to take it off more often (and increase the possibility of losing it)? Since wedding rings are intended to be worn every day, the goal is to choose a design that seamlessly goes well with your day-to-day activities. If you have an active lifestyle, go to the gym regularly or play sports most days of the week, go for a platinum ring in ‘comfort fit’—rounded edge with less thick metal—and avoid carving and intricate gemstones as dirt easily accumulates in the spaces.

6. Think Long-Term

Although you should not be afraid to go trendy, make sure that the ring style you pick is something you would want to wear for the next 30, 40, or 50 years. Your wedding ring is intended to last through all the events and fashion trends that will come and go through the years, so pick a style that you see yourself wearing for the rest of your life. But you don’t have to stress yourself too much; you can always make some alterations or upgrade in the future to mark a special anniversary.

7. Get the Right Size

Many people rarely remove their wedding rings—they wear them to work, to bed, when taking a shower, at the gym, swimming at the beach, during pregnancies, vacations—all the time when fingers swell and shrink due to heat and cold or weight gain and weight loss. To find the perfect size that will fit your ring finger just right regardless of the body changes that might take place, schedule the ring fitting at the time when your body temperature is normal. This means you should not decide on the ring size in the morning (when the body retains salt from the night before), right after hitting t he gym (fingers are quite swollen due to body heat) or during extremely hot or cold weather (which causes expansion and contraction of the fingers).

8. Check the Quality

This applies not just for wedding bands, but for all rings and jewelleries. For the rings, see the two marks inside the band—the trademark (which proves that the manufacturer stands by their product) and the quality mark (which proves that the quality of the metal is what the seller claims it to be). If your wedding band is made of two or more metals, check that each metal indicates its quality marks. Legitimate jewellery retailers in Singapore should always have this detail engraved in their jewelleries.

No matter what design of wedding rings you go for, finding a pair that pleases you both is the most important thing in this process. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and a day you would want to always remember forever. Find the perfect pair of wedding bands and you will have a forever reminder of the love and commitment you have for each other.

The Many Adaptations of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms  


This historical novel by Luo Guanzhong has inspired adaptations in the form of video games, movies, television series and comics. The novel is set in the Three Kingdoms period in AD 169 until 280 and incorporates both legendary and historical accounts. Most of it is based on a compilation by Chen Shou called Records of the Three Kingdoms. The three kingdoms refer to the three states that emerged during the chaos that ensued after the fall of the Han dynasty. The three states are Cao Wei, Shu Han and Eastern Wu. The novel is not an accurate historical account and is slightly biased towards Shu, but it has captured the intrigues and struggles of the warlords and warriors at that time.

The names of these characters have become so famous that a comprehensive list of adaptations would be too long. They have fans all over East and Southeast Asia, and even among video game and comics enthusiasts from other parts of the world. These are some of the most popular adaptations so far.


Some of the movies based on the novel are Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon in 2008, which explored the story of Zhao Yun and a fictional granddaughter of Cao Cao; Red Cliff , also in 2008, is a two-part film; The Lost Bladesman in 2011 explored Guan Yu’s tenuous friendship with Cao Cao; and The Assassins in 2012 was about two assassination attempts against Cao Cao.


A live action television series based on Cao Cao’s life, Cao Cao, was aired in 2014.


In 2008 the novel Mie Shu Ji by Li Bo was published. It highlights the fall of Shu and focused on the characters Jiang Wei, Deng Ai and Zhong Hui.


Dynasty Warriors by Koei and Omega Force is by far the most popular video game adaptation. It is currently composed of eight games as part of a series and has been released in various platforms.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Koei is a series of strategy games. It is quite different from the character-driven Dynasty Warriors series.


There are also several comics adaptation such as Sanguo Wushuang and Sanguo Wushuang Zhuan, which are based on the Dynasty Warriors series. The Ravages of Time by Chan Mou focuses on Sima Yi. Korean manwa such as Samgukjeontugi by Choi hun and Samgukji Gahujeon by Bea Min-su are also available. There are plenty of Japanese manga published over the years. Sangokushi by Yokoyama Mitsuteru also has an anime series. Souten Kouro by King Gonta explores the desperation in battle; it also has an anime adaptation which ran for two seasons. Another manga, Sousou Moutoku by Ounishi Kouichi, which (going by the title) is about Cao Cao.


There is no question about the impact of one of the world’s greatest literary masterpieces. The Three Kingdoms period in history produced brilliant thinkers like Cao Cao and strategists like Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi and Lu Xun. Lu Bu and Guan Yu embody the fierce warrior spirit. No doubt, more adaptations will be seen in the future exploring these different characters.

Online Forum Etiquette


One venue for discussion of various topics today is an online forum. A forum is a site where you can have conversations with other people. The conversations are posted as messages, that is why online forums are sometimes called message boards.

There are tons of online forums all over the Internet for various topics. One of the most visited sites in Singapore is which focuses on finance and business. Like most forums, you can find other discussions as well like lifestyle and hobbies.

When you’re a newbie, take note of the written and unwritten rules. The written rules can be seen in terms and services, guidelines or are posted rules found at the top of the threads (topics). Unwritten rules make up the forum etiquette that must be observed if you don’t want to stand out. Even when you’re anonymous or you assume a different identity online, practicing some good posting habits will keep you away from trouble. Here are some of them.

  1. Look at the stickies and threads. Stickies usually post rules. It will also help you avoid posting popular topics like those found in frequently asked questions (FAQS). Some common discussions are also stickied so you don’t have to look for them.


  1. Avoid spamming and always stay on topic. Read the previous replies if you need to make sure that your intended post isn’t covered. Post in appropriate threads. Do not post unrelated questions or answers because that will create confusion or start fights.

  1. Avoid controversial topics. Unless the forum is intended for such purposes, there is no need to aggravate people by starting offensive discussions. This includes posting pictures or links about violence, racism, religion, politics and crimes. Do not post this in a general topics forum site. There are usually sub-forums for these.


  1. Keep private conversations private. There is an option for sending private messages if you need to talk about other things with your online friends. Other people do not need to know what you are talking about unless it’s related to a discussion everyone can share with.


  1. Help by reporting the troublemakers. Most forums have moderators. Help them with their jobs by reporting spammers and offensive posts. This will help keep the forums clean and attractive for the old forum regulars and the newbies.


  1. Don’t use large pictures and unreadable fonts. There are rules for creating a signature at the end of your every post. There are also rules for pictures you’re allowed to post. If you want to be understood by everyone, keep your post style simple and readable. If possible, use proper grammar and spelling. Shortening words are fine but remember that in online forums, there might be users who do not speak your language well.


  1. Be nice to the new and old users. The newbies will help keep the forum community alive. Do not frighten or ignore them. Answer questions civilly if they need help. Treat them as you would treat an online friend you have known for a long time.

5 Ways to Efficiently Utilize Your Finances as an Entrepreneur


Nowadays, it’s hard to manage our finances especially when we are preoccupied with other important things like our work or business. It wouldn’t be too difficult though if we only know how to manage it efficiently. Many successful financial gurus and entrepreneurs from Singapore suggest that you follow these ways in order to boost your financial status up to the maximum as well as manage your business finances efficiently.

  1. Build or find a need for your market

It’s really important that you understand your market well enough to know what things they possibly need in their lives. If you can decipher that, then you can offer them something new or something that they didn’t even knew they needed. That’s the secret of entrepreneurs, even decades ago. If you can target that want and need, then you can most certainly build up your sales, services as well as your finances.

  1. Loans and Investment offers are not always the answer

While it seems to be a great opportunity to be offered by banks or other business owners to invest and loan you money for further development, it is not always helpful for your business. You need to understand that if you believe in your product or services, it takes time to build it. Short-term funding from these investors can help you for a while but if all else fails in the future; you’ll be under a great deal of trouble if you availed their help. Be patient in handling your business and finances and in time it will surely grow.

  1. Be socially responsible

Entrepreneurs and their businesses are indeed admirable if they engage into social responsibilities. Don’t forget to help other people especially if you are already successful with your business or work. When you give to others, a thousand fold will be given back to you in return. So, remember to lend a helping hand or offer a certain percentage from your finances.

  1. Look for Local Suppliers

If you want to reduce your costs and improve your finances, then you must look for local suppliers of your products or business. You need to be resourceful, creative and efficient. Ordering from international suppliers can take time and additional costs especially if they are not directly manufacturing the supplies that you need. You have to learn to budget your finances in order for it to grow in the long run.

  1. Love whatever it is you are doing

It is highly encouraged by entrepreneurs that you should love your job or your business in order to fully succeed. You need to love handling your finances, go through transactions day in and day out, etc. If you learn to master your niche and love the things that go with it, then you can become an efficient entrepreneur in the near future.

6 Travel Tips You Absolutely Have to Follow


Many people would assume that travelling all the time can be very stressful and overwhelming. Well, if you are not much of a traveler, you wouldn’t really experience and appreciate the perks of travelling to one place or another. Business travelers from Singapore and other countries agreed that they have been doing the following travel hacks and tips in order to speed things up a bit and could help you enjoy travelling more as you supposed to.

  1. Always check in online

When we travel, there are always unexpected delays and series of unfortunate events. Given that, you always have to be prepared if ever you would encounter such troublesome experiences. Thus, you need to check yourself in through airline companies’ online check-in feature (take note of the allowed time to check in).

This could be very helpful if you are running late or if you simply want to save time at the airport. Since you won’t be lining up anymore just to check in, you can sip a cup of coffee or lounge at the waiting area ahead or just in time for your flight.

  1. Book for direct flights

The cheapest flight fares can be very enticing when you want to travel around. Although, it may be cheap and connecting flights might sound enticing and fun, well think again- it’s really not (in most cases).

When one flight gets delayed, the rest of your remaining connecting flights will be affected big time. If you book direct flights, you can save time and more money than you think. Plus, you can do away with stress and reach your desired destination comfortably on your desired day and time.

  1. Avoid checking luggage

If you want to avoid the long lines, the waiting and finding of your luggage at the baggage claim, the worst chances of your luggage put on the wrong flight or manipulated by some airport staff, you need to avoid checking in your luggage as much as possible.

If you’re going to travel for two to three days, just try to squeeze in your clothes and very important stuff in one carry-on luggage and one personal bag. This will save you time and could potentially save you money while travelling.

  1. Carry your travel necessities

It is mandatory that you bring a power bank for charging your gadgets. You will never really know when your cellphones and other gadgets get drained so power banks will come in handy especially in times of emergency. Aside from this, you need a sanitizer, or anything that you think is really important and a necessity when you go around places.

  1. Negotiate and book affordable rental cars

It’s sometimes really helpful to just rent a car when you travel to other places. It saves you more time and money compared to commuting. You can also negotiate for lesser fees.

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