Numbers Behind Self-Conscious Men and Women


Everything is made beautiful but in reality, the world is conscious about how it looks. Here in Singapore, men and women are conscious of how they look and how they behave. The society has this idea of what a woman or man should look and how to behave. If you do not follow the norm, you will be branded a deviant and for many, that do not sound good.


It is normal that you feel moments of self-doubt and insecurity. What is not normal is letting it linger longer thereby destroying your self-confidence. If you just let negative feelings sit for a while, then you have to learn to love yourself a little more.

Everyone’s Self Conscious

In this world, there is a belief that only women are self-conscious that is why they tend to overdo everything just to look good. You have to know that men also feel self-conscious as often as women. It is just that the media does not give attention to it. There is a recent study conducted by the scientific journal – body image.

The study involved more than 12,000 adult men and women. The respondents were given online surveys regarding their personal feelings specifically on body image stressing attention to physical appearance and weight. The results were actually informative and helpful in understanding how men and women see beauty.


Need to Improve Self-Image

Twenty percent of women and 15% of men respondents reported that they are “extremely dissatisfied” with their weight. In the case of physical appearance, 6% of men and 9% of women respondents said that they are “extremely dissatisfied”. This goes to show that men are also self-conscious about their weight and physical appearance.

On the other side of the coin, 26% of women and 28% of men are “extremely satisfied” with their physical appearance. As for the weight, 20% of women and 24% of men and respondents said that they are “extremely satisfied”. The researchers found an interesting conclusion – people who are dissatisfied have increased neuroticism, more fearful and preoccupied. Satisfied people on the other hand have higher self-esteem and openness.

Voicing Discontent

The study shows that men are also self-conscious like the women it is just that the society gives more attention to women. It would be good if there are further studies like this one in the future. It is clear that regardless of the gender, we all walk through the same path of looking good and feeling comfortable at the same time. Of course, the looks and the weight do not define your character but other people’s perception will influence how you think. So, if it makes you feel better, lose weight or apply something.


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