Mastering the Basics of Sailing

Sailing is a water sport that charmed a lot of water enthusiasts. In fact, sailing is part of major competitions including the 27th SEA (South East Asian) Games. The Singapore team is positive that they can bring home the bacon. Before the finals, the team has three gold. That is good news.


Dwelling on the lighter note, sailing can be considered a hobby. If you appreciate sailing but you lack the basics, you should look for a person to help you. Here are some tips that you can consider when sailing:

Look for clear waters

It would be convenient to practice sailing without the competition. If you can find a spot where there are less sailors, you should consider that.

Select a small boat

It would be easier to sail if you start with a small boat. Since you are a beginner, it would be better if you learn few sails and lines first.


Begin with one sail

You should begin with one sail. It is important that you are familiar with one sail because it is not that complicated. As you progress, you can add few sails and lines.

Know weather conditions

Whenever you set to sail, be sure that you know the weather conditions. You have to check the local weather forecast. You should know the tide and wind condition.

Familiarize yourself with controlling the sail

You have to spend time familiarizing the controls. Do not rush because you cannot possibly learn everything in one day. You need to learn how to adjust the settings so you can take advantage of the conditions.

Watch out for the boom

Boom refers to the beam holding the sail. Sometimes people fail to recognize it that it causes accidents and unfortunate events. Every time you sail, watch out for the boom to be safe.

When you sail, tell someone where you are going and always bring your floatation equipment. Sailing is fun and exciting, right? Happy sailing and may the winds favour you!


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