Improving Your Running Skills

For the Singaporean runner Shanti Pereira, she showed exemplary performance at the 27th SEA (South East Asia) Games. Pereira took the second spot in the 200m finals. Aside from that, she also took the fourth spot in the 100m finals. Pereira still holds the record of the 100m fastest woman here in Singapore. Way to go, girl!


There is still time to improve your running skills. You can be like Pereira if you are serious about running. You can do the following things to improve your skill:

Increase training degree

If you are running thrice a week, you can increase it to four. If you are running four times a week, you can increase it to five or six. You should gradually increase your training so you will do better.

Amplify training intensity

If you think that your pace is slow, you should pick it up and amplify it. You can for instance intensify your pace by repeats (fast running and jogging) or tempo (fast and steady run).

Reduce the degree or intensity

If you notice that you are too exhausted, it is important that you slow down and go back to your previous routine. Sometimes it is better to go back before moving farther.

Be stronger

If you are serious about your running performance, you must understand that you need other things than running. You should go to the gym can increase your ore which is important in running.

Cross training

Apart from spending time in the gym, you should do other exercises like biking, swimming and boxing. It will improve your fitness.

Eat right

It is not enough that you exercise or run all the time. You need food so it can sustain and give you nutrition. You should look for the right food .

If you have the resources to hire a coach, you should never let it pass. Hiring a coach can play a vital part in your performance and endurance.



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