HK Stars Andy Lau and Sammi Chen in yet another Movie Together

After nine long years, HK stars Andy Lau and Sammi Chen will be seen together again in the big screen by their fans in their latest movie following Magic Kitchen in 2004. In their recent press conference in Singapore, the much-adored celebrities of Asian cinema displayed sizzling chemistry for their anticipated thriller romantic comedy, Blind Detective.


Andy Lau will play a blind ex-detective while Sammi Cheng will play a young policewoman in this upcoming film directed by Johnnie To. The plot reveals how Lau and Cheng works with each other to solve their own personal cases, only ending up getting their lives and hearts twined together as they hunt down a serial killer together.

As they faced the press for interview and promotion of the movie, the chemistry between the celebrities is immensely noticeable. It was observed that both of them were comfortable in each other’s company, even after nine years of not having made a movie together.

Lau told the press that he considered Cheng a very good colleague before, but she is like a family to him now. He also thoughtfully added that they are now in a different generation and time, which is why the dynamic is difficult to describe. Cheng said that she felt honored and lucky to be given another opportunity to work with Lau, who helped hone her acting skills.

She also expressed how she admired Lau’s success in his career as an actor, as well as how kind and compassionate he is as a person. Blind Detective opens in Singapore cinemas on 4 July 2013.

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