Healing through Foot Reflexology

It is hard to be living in Singapore and not having heard about foot reflexology. In fact, Singapore is blessed in the sense that it is considered a developed country but has enough from its cultural past in the form of traditional healing techniques. Foot massage is believed to have originated 5000 years ago in ancient China though a similar technique was evolving in India, Japan, Egypt and some other countries around the same time.

The alternate healing therapy called foot reflexology tries to alleviate high stress levels built up inside the body of an individual by applying pressure and manipulating certain specific points on the foot of an individual. These points are believed to correspond to many different body parts and organs thereby stimulating them in the process. Stress building is normal but its removal is also necessary.

We may not be aware of the fact but we build up stress inside our bodies unknowingly through fear, anxiety, tension and hypertension. This built up stress is responsible for many diseases and ailments but we tend to look after the symptoms of ailments not their root causes. How it works is that foot reflexology singapore removes the blockage to free flow of vital energy inside our bodies reduces these high stress levels. This is where the alternate system of healing called foot reflexology comes handy.

In Singapore, it is widely believed that during a foot massage the pressure applied by an expert on foot helps to alleviate the stress built up inside the body of an individual and has been seen to reduce symptoms of headache and other body aches and pains. How is this achieved is not very clear but there is no gainsaying the fact that foot reflexology not only reduces stress levels but brings in relief from symptoms of many other diseases also.

We are living a fast lifestyle that leaves very little time to exercise. We even do not have a control over our dietary intake. These factors result in buildup of high stress levels that need to be relieved. Stress causes release of hormones inside our bodies that lead to many ailments. Foot massage is one great way of providing relief from high stress levels.

But foot reflexology goes one step further by applying pressure to points that correspond to other body parts. The energy blockage is removed through foot reflexology that aids in removing diseases from different body parts as well. One can find the services of many foot massage experts in Singapore who charge $25 to $35 a session. Knowing about the benefits of foot reflexology, many tourists coming to Singapore pay a visit to these professionals to get relief from stress.

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