Foolproof Ways to Become a Productive Morning Person


Do you have a love-hate relationship with mornings? Yeah, you already know that waking up early can make you more productive and motivated to start the day, which is why successful people wake up before sunrise.


The problem is that you absolutely hate to get out of the bed earlier than you have to. If you badly wish to get rid of this practice and create a more success-propelling day routine, here are some simple techniques you can do that will make waking up in the morning much easier—and even more fun.

  1. Set your goal for the next morning before going to bed.

You’ll surely have a hard time getting up if your last thought before going to bed is the burden of having to wake up six in the morning. Instead of torturing your mind with negative thinking, find something that will motivate you to get out of the bed easily the next day, such as a hearty breakfast or even a good morning call to your significant other.

  1. Put your alarm clock far away from your bed.

Rather than placing your alarm clock on the side table next to your bed, move it far away from your bed. When the alarm goes off, you’ll be forced to rise and engaged to move. Moving is somehow energizing and helps you gain consciousness when you just woke up from deep sleep.


  1. Enjoy a protein-rich breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if you want a productive morning get a hearty fix before leaving home for work. After sleeping for six straight hours, our blood sugar and metabolism are at their lowest; a protein-rich meal will re-energize the body. A good breakfast should consist of a protein, a fruit and whole grains.

  1. Let the sunlight stream into your room.

A light box, which mimics the sun light, is probably the best fixture you can add in your room to push yourself to get up in the morning. The brain is naturally sensitive to light—the reason why we can’t sleep well in the morning even though we had the toughest day and went to bed past our bedtime the night before. If spending S$60 to S$250 on a light box isn’t an option, place your bed right across the window, so the sunlight can wake you up in the morning.

Hopefully, with these tips, your love-hate relationship with mornings may become an unconditional true love as you find the perfect and the most compatible morning routine for you.


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