Finally Busting Allergy Myths


Allergies come in different forms and depending on your body’s immune response, you will encounter different forms as you go along. Maybe you haven’t discovered your allergy yet but this is not the time to relax and ignore facts about allergies. Forget about the myths and try to remember the facts. This article will finally bust most allergy myths so you will be informed better.

Before anything else, it will be a good help if you know what an allergy is. Allergy is actually a condition that can damage a person’s immune response to a particular substance. You have to remember that it varies. You may be allergic to pollen but your sister is not. You can be allergic to cats and dogs but your neighbour is not.

It is crucial that you clear your misunderstanding of allergies. There are many allergy doctors here in Singapore that you can consult if there is a need. Here are some common myths of allergies and its truth:

You will get allergies from furs of your pet

All your life you believe that you are only allergic to the fur of the pet but in fact the culprits are their body proteins, dander and skin – not entirely their fur. The best thing to avoid this is to keep the pets outdoors and if it cannot be helped, at least isolate your bedroom from common areas. You can also secure HEPA filters to safeguard the air around you.

You get allergies from plants around your house

Many people blame plants for their allergies. As a result they cut the plant or tree for bringing such discomfort. This is a myth because even if you cut a plant or tree down, pollens can travel thousands of miles depending on wind current. One best way to avoid this is to schedule outdoor activities early morning or evening because at these times, winds are not that strong.

You get allergies from feathers of your pillow

When you lie down and you begin to sneeze and feel weird, you instantly blame it on the feathers of your pillow when it fact your bed has many allergens that accumulate like mold and dust mites. You have to know that feathered pillows underwent thorough heat washing process – which eliminates protein that can cause such discomfort or problem.

These are just some myths that you should bust as it can affect your life in general. Believing something that is not that accurate is a waste of time and resources. You have to know because it can make a difference at the end of the day.

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